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 m&g FTP Client v1.0 for Windows and BP7   Arminio Grgic 09.03.1998

Простейший FTP клиент для Windows, построенный на базе библиотеки pasock10.
FTP client is written entirely in Borland Pascal 7.0 and use WINSOCK 1.1 functions. Pasock10 required.


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Date: Пт, 11 май 2001 13:15:56 From: Arminio Grgic <arminio.grgic@usa.net> To: Valery Votintsev <rswag@sources.ru> Subject: Re: [m&g FTP Client Source code] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- >Hello Arminio, > I'm interesting in pascal source code of > your "m&g FTP Client". > I want to put this into Russian SWAG collection, > placed on http://pascal.sources.ru > P.S. Can you give me another your pascal sources? > It's interesting to me too... Hello, Valery! Thanx for interrest ! I am sending FTP client source. Usually, I don't give my sources but one more is available: IDEINFO - program that display IDE information from HD controller (HD serial number, manufacturer etc.) I can send it to you but I must find it first :))) ... be patient. Best regards ! Arminio Grgic, Pozega, Croatia Arminio.Grgic@USA.net http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Way/9629/arminio.htm ____________________________________________________________________ m&g FTP Client v1.0 for Windows - written in Borland Pascal 7.0 - ... with a little help of WINSOCK 1.1 Freeware By Arminio Grgic-GrGa (c)1998 m&g software, Pozega, Croatia Well, after few weeks of hard working and very mind blowing job I finished my first (read: crappy ;)) FTP client written entirely in Borland Pascal 7 for Windows ! My first intention was to make DOS FTP client using pure Turbo Pascal for DOS but I didn't find any (useful) TCPIP stack which can be used with Turbo Pascal and I wasn't too smart to make my own ... So, I was forced to make it in Windows - but still using Pascal and with a little help of WINSOCK 1.1 ! :))) Here I give only executable files with documentation but complete source is available on deman