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 PI5.PAS - Calculating the PI up to 2150 places  David Adamson 13.05.1996

This program computes the digits of PI using the arctangent formula


PROGRAM PI5.PAS By David Adamson October 23, 1994 This it the third version of a program for computing Pi up to 2150 places. The first version was written in Turbo Pascal 3. The second was also in Turbo Pascal, but with all the math procedures converted to inline for maximum program executing speed. This version is rewritten to allow compilation with Turbo Pascal 5 and up. The inline code was scrapped for version 3. The sacrifice in speed is not a problem, because it improvement in today's computers overshadows the processing efficiency loss. Here are my results using a 33MHz 386. Pi v2 Pi v3 100 places = 0.1 sec 100 places = 0.3 sec 1000 places = 11 sec 1000 places = 32 sec 2135 places = 48 sec 2135 places = 150 sec