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 DOSINI.PAS 1.2 - Windows style .INI file for DOS   Thomas Bargholz 26.09.1994

DOSINI.PAS is a Borland Pascal unit for easy access to Windows style INI files in DOS real and pmode programs. Released to the Public Domain.


{****************************************} {* DOSINI.PAS 1.20 *} {* *} {* Author : Thomas Bargholz *} {* Written : August 10th, 1994 *} {* *} {* Donated to the Public Domain *} {****************************************} This unit implements a Windows style .INI file for DOS applications, by supplying easy and fast access to the exact infomation in the .INI file of your choise. The Windows API supplies functions to retrieve information in .INI files, but are (ofcource) directed at Windows. Now DOS real and pmode programs can use .INI files just as easy. As in Windows, the DOS .INI files must have the format: [section] entry=profile By supplying the .INI filename, the section name, and the entry name, DOSINI will return the profile. The .INI file can be placed anywhere, but this unit supplies two functions to locate the DOS directory and your applications home directory, so if you place your .INI file in one of those directories, you can locate your .INI files easily. This unit requires TurboPowers Objecty Professional (OPRO) to re-compile! TurboPower : US phone : 800-333-4160 Other phone : 719-260-9136 Fax : 719-260-7151 If you don't have OPRO, this is a list of the OPRO functions used by this unit, and what they do. You can then create your own versions: Function StUpCase(S : String) : String; -Turns a string into upper case. Function JustPathName(Path : String) : String; -Returns only the path of a full path file name. Function ExistOnPath(FileName, FullPath : String) : Boolean; -Checks if a file exist on the path. If the function returns true, FullPath will contain the full path to the file. Changes: 06.09.94: Added DEFINE OPRO. Create simmilar functions of those in OPRO for those of you that don't have OPRO. 26.09.94: Removed bug in WriteProfileString. Tanks to Germano Rossi for giving me this bugfix. (germano@chiostro.univr.it) If you have any comments, sugg