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 EGAMouse v2.0 - Mouse Support for BGI Graphics Modes  Lew Paper 13.03.1988

Модуль поддержки мыши в графических BGI режимах. Поддерживает несколько разновидностей графического курсора: стрелка, галочка, песочные часы, рука. Для запуска необходим драйвер egavga.bgi.
EGAMouse is a TP 4.0 unit that adds Microsoft Mouse support to your TP programs.


EGAMouse is a TP 4.0 unit that adds Microsoft Mouse support to your EGA TP programs. Most of the credit for it is due to Richard Sadowsky, the author of Mouse4.pas, a unit that adds mouse support for text-mode programs. I made some minor adjustments to it, added the function CursorShape (with the help of John Sieraski; his implementation of it worked, mine didn't, so the code for CursorShape is his, with a minor modification added by me), and wrote the demo program. Future releases will include support for mouse functions 29 (get CRT page number) and 30 (set CRT page number), and will have a few more cursor shapes. You must have the Microsoft (or compatible) mouse driver installed as described in the Microsoft Mouse User's Guide. I have version 6 of the Mouse software; EGAMouse might not work with earlier versions. This unit should work with trivial modifications on CGA programs. All that has to be changed is the scaling of the X and Y coordinates. To change the demo program for CGA, just change the grDriver and grMode values at the beginning of the main body.