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 MicroSoft Mouse Unit for Turbo Pascal 5.5   Rob Wedlock 17.02.1988

This is a Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit for managing a MicroSoft mouse.


This is a Turbo Pascal unit for managing a MicroSoft mouse. Contents - mouse.pas --- source code for the mouse unit mouse.doc --- description of the various parts of the unit square.pas --- example source using the mouse unit readthis.1st --- this here Rather than to provide a tutorial on programming with a mouse, it is assumed you have a good idea of the various operations made possible by the mouse driver software. Most of the code contained in the mouse unit is simple calls to interrupt 33h. There is additional code defining a pointing hand cursor and to define areas of the screen as numbers. Apology - I wrote this unit quickly in order to make use of my mouse, and know that the documentation is very minimal and there are of course bugs. I haven't found any other mouse units sources on ftp sites so this should at least start some people out. I would suggest that the best way to learn how to use this is to study the read_config procedure within the example program. Talk to me! - Rob Wedlock 211 Windriver Casper, Wyo 82609 (307) - 2345778 Internet - robw@corral.uwyo.edu Bitnet - ROBW@UWYO If you use this, of learn anything from it, please send me a 5 dollar bill to ease your guilty concious. If you're poor, send me some source code! Id also like to find a few computer programming penpals. Thanks!