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 Hard Coded Text Mode Menu  David McCourt 26.11.1988

Простая программа, реализующая запуск внешних программ по начатию одной единственной буквы из предложенного списка. Для этого во внешнем файле заранее создаются 3 массива с указанием диска, пути, имени внешней программы и параметров командной строки.
Simple menu routine to execute external programs by pressing only one letter from menu.


  { Hard Coded Menu There are alot of well written menu programs available that do many things in addition to being a menu. I wanted something that would just run the major applications that I use and do it fast. Since it will stay in memory, it had to be as small as possible without being real ugly. I am releasing it to the Public Domain for anybody to use / change as they see fit. Please check the note on directory organization at the end of this file. David McCourt Williamsport, PA } {$M 1024, 0, 0} {keep memory usage small} program menu; USES Crt, Dos; const done = False; menu_let = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'; {$I menu.inc} {has the hard coded arrays of Drives, Directories, Command lines and executable files that you will need to modify to suit your needs} type CharSet = set of char; var choice : char; cur_dir : string[10]; menu_item : integer; UC : charset; procedure display_menu; var i : integer; begin ClrScr; {clear screen to set border color } window(12,4,72,18); {declare a window to hold menu} textbackground(red); {set the color of the window } clrscr; {clear screen to set the window color } gotoxy( 1, 1); write(chr(218)); {left top - menu box } gotoxy( 1,15); write(chr(192)); {left bot - menu box } gotoxy(60, 1); write(chr(191)); {right top - menu box } gotoxy(60,15); write(chr(217)); {right bot - menu box } for i := 2 to 14 do