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 INTRFC 7.0 - Program to Dump BP7 TPU Files   Milan Dadok 16.03.1994

Утилита для изучения внутренней структуры TPU, TPP и TPW файлов в BP7.0.
INTRFC Version 7.0 - Program to dump TPU files (March, 1994). Dumps TPU, TPP and TPW format files for Borland Pascal 7.0.


INTRFC - Program to dump TPU files (March, 1994). Version 7.0: Dumps TPU, TPP and TPW format files. Written for the public domain by Milan Dadok. Internet: xdadok00@dcse.fee.vutbr.cz (till September 1995) INTRODUCTION Several times I had to write the source of a tpu, because it was not available. I started to look for some documentation about TPU files and I found INTRFC from D.J. Murdoch, that works with TP 6.0 tpu files (see history below). Because I needed to dump TPU files from BP 7.0 and I was wondering how tpu files are encoded, I upgraded it to BP 7.0 files. I also fixed same mistakes and added some new features (print enum and set constants etc). Because D.J. Murdoch does not plan to update INTRFC any more, please send bugs only to my Internet address. The reason I included source code is because it will serve as a bit of documentation for the TPU file format: Borland will never publish it. They want to be free to change the format, tweaking performance when they can. You must compile INTRFC in BP 7.0. Normally it will dump only BP 7.0 (TPUQ) files. If you want to dump TP 6.0 (TPU9) files, you must recompile INTRFC with the symbol UNIT60 defined. Change SWITCHES.INC or compile with BPC: BPC intrfc.pas /b /DUNIT60 USAGE: INTRFC /options unit [output_file] where options are letters from the following: B - emitted code bytes C - initialized constant blocks D - code blocks E - routine entry records G - emitted global const bytes H - TPU header I - implementation section (if $D was used in compilation) L - proc/fn locals (if $L was used in compilation) M - source line number map N - names in interface O - const relocation records R - relocation records S - source file records U - unit list V - var blocks W - exported name records Z - browser section {$Y+} A - turn all options on Options are processed sequentially and toggle the display. Use /Tpath[;path] to set the Turbo directory for TURBO.TPL and referenced units. E.G. To see all but the relocation records in the system unit, use INTRFC /AR /T\bp\bin;\bp\units SYSTEM The default is just the names in the interface section. LIMITATIONS There are tons of limitations to INTRFC. It doesn't know how to print the values of typed constants. Etc. Etc. Etc. If you want it to do something differently just go ahead and change it! I recommend compiling with all possible checks turned on, since it's pretty easy to get lost in all those pointers and records. FILES The following files should be included in this package. INTRFC70 DOC This file TPU9 DOC TPU structure outline (TP 6.0) TPUQ DOC TPU structure outline (BP 7.0) INTRFC EXE The executable to dump BP 7.0 tpu files INTRFC PAS Main program GLOBALS PAS Program globals HEAD PAS TPU header dumper NAMELIST PAS Prints interface section NAMETYPE PAS Type definitions for NAMELIST BLOCKS PAS Routines for code blocks, etc. SRCFILES PAS Prints source files & line numbers RELOC PAS Prints relocation records CODE PAS Code and const dumper DUMP PAS Various dump routines LOADER PAS Reads in .TPU and .TPL files UTIL PAS Various utility routines TEST1 PAS Test file TEST1 INC Test include file TEST1 ASM Test assembler file TEST1 OBJ Test object file PARAMS PAS Parses parameters Have fun with INTRFC and Turbo (or Borland) Pascal. Milan Dadok