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 Toomba2 - Page Flipper and MOD Player   Phil Carlisle 24.02.1994

Программа для загрузки в видео-память в режиме 13h четырех картинок и затем плавного их переключения. Имеется встроенный MOD-плэйер для Спикера, Ковокса и Бластера. Кроме того, приложена утилита для преобразования PCX файлов в формат RAW.
This program sets up modeX 320x200x256x4 page, and then loads 4 raw screens into VGA mem and flips between the pages. It uses a Mod player for PC Speaker, LPT Covox and SoundBlaster. There is a utility that converts PCX to RAW format.


Hey There! This code was sitting there taking up precious space on my HD, rotting away, and I suddenly thought "Hey! why not let someone else have it!" so here it is..... What does it do?? Well, basically, it just sets up mode X 320x200x256x4 page mode, it also uses a modplayer to play sound through the devices that that player supports, it then loads 4 raw screens into VGA mem and flips between the pages (my name - so its lame..) and then when you press a key, it changes to a coupla screens that you can switch between by hitting the F (flip) key, you can also quit by pressing Q (quit) key. For some reason I didnt use esc.. Things to remember 1) The raw screens are 320x200 ones, I just had lying around, so dont take any notice of them.. 2) The mod file I knocked up ages ago, when I first got a tracker 3) The code is old, and is a mixture of pascal and inline asm, so its not meant to be a guide for anything but having a laugh at. 4) This was all done some time ago, and doesnt represent anything but me going through the learning phase everyone must go through to become a better coder. 5) USE IT AT YOURE OWN RISK Well, Its probably what you call freeware, or public domain, but I strongly suggest you dont use it, as its a lame as hell for anything but an example. Phil Carlisle (aka PC aka Zoombapup of Codex) No Greetz (not worth it) Oh, I suppose I better say... You can contact me on internet on pc@espr.demon.co.uk