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 Spriter v1.01 - Sprite and Icon Editor for TP7   Dimitri Smits 13.12.94

Редактор спрайтов, иконок и фонтов размером 32x32 пиксела для Turbo Pascal 7.0. Поддерживается мышка.
It's a drawing proggy to draw sprites,fonts(libs of sprites) & ICONs. It also produces files in IGA (Insecabilis Graphics Array) format.


+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | SPRITER V1.01 Beta | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Disclaimer (Sorry, but this is necessary!) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ The author of this program is not liable for any damage to the computer on which this programm will run or has run, nor for any loss of DATA whatsoever. The author claims not to have put in any Virusses ,Worms, Trojans, or anything else damaging or threatening your compu. When this program was first released, it did NOT have anything in it (except for drawing routines, mouse routines, and input/output routines for managing files).If you have any trouble whatsoever with the program you may report it to me, but you MUST remember that the program was provided AS IS! Maybe (IF its a bug in the program) I will look after it. If You DON'T like this, then DELETE EVERYTHING NOW! +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | What this proggy does (or is supposed to do) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ It's a drawing proggy to draw sprites,fonts(libs of sprites) & ICONs. It also produces files in I(nsecabilis)G(raphics)A(rray)-format. It is not my intention to give a complete overview of it's functions, because I have to get up early tomorrow, but here is an explanation about getting started: +A-------------------+ +B------------+ +C-------------------------+ | | | 32 * 32 | | CREDIT TO ME | | 32 * 32 raster | | pixels | | + | | | | the result | | TITLE PROGRAM & VERS | | | | in mode 13H | +S-----------+T------------+ | Here you draw your | | 320*200*256 | |IN-FileName |Out-FileName | | pictures | +-+U-+-+V-+---+ +------------+-------------+ | | +D+--+-+--+--------------------------------+ | | | Message Box | | | | | | | | +--------------------------------------+ | | | | +-Path---------------------------------+ | +--------------------+ +------------------------------------------+ +E-----+F-----+ +N+ +O--------------------------++P-------------+ | SAVE | LOAD |BAR+-+ | || | +G-----+H-----+ | | | 256 COLORS |+Q-------------+ | QUIT | SIZE | | | | || | +------+------++M-| | | |+--------------+ Actual Pict >|NR| | | || | +I-----+J-----++--+ | | || SAVE INFO | |CLEAR | COPY | | | | || | +K-----+L-----+ | | | |+R-------------+ |PASTE | CUT | +-+ | || | +------+------+ +N+ +---------------------------++--------------+ A => A 32*32 (4pixel*4pixel)-raster in which you can draw your sprites leftbutton=U, rightbutton=V, middlebutton=0 (erase) B => along with A, you get to see the result Real-Size C => just filling D => here is where you get to see errors (Disk I/O (file not found, ...)) also there is a bar with a path-string, which you can alter E => this saves according to the T extension in IGA-format or ICO-format if the extension is IGA, the program will use P,Q,R to know what to save so, when you want to save something, FIRST check if the settings in P,Q,R are the ones you would like to use for your saving. F => this LOADs into memory from the Picture you are on (M) onwards 'til everything is loaded (when you load a lib from a position, but when the lib contains more than 60-M, it will start at the beginning again (M=1) when it reaches 61) G => Obvious not?!? H => has only effect on P and Q variables I => clears current picture defined by M J => makes a copy of everything in the P & Q variables to a clipboard K => gets the clipboard to the current picture and fills it from X1 Y1, defined in P & Q L => Cuts everything within the range of the P & Q variables +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Spriter Manual By Dimitri Smits, author of SPRITER 04/06 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ M => points to current position,by leftclicking the mouse on it, you can change directly to a specified picture (which will alter A & B as well) N => 2 arrows used by clicking on it to alter the position in picture array indirectly changes M and thus A & B also leftclick=1 at a time, rightclick=keep pressed to alter till you artive where you want to be O => colours of palette,which is available leftclicking on them will alter U rightclicking on them will alter V remember that when you want to change an ICON, you MAY ONLY USE colors 0 TO 15 (line 1 in O) P & Q => topleft till bottomright + X-axis & Y-axis length to (cut,copy,...) R => from which picture till which picture to save S => name inputfile T => name outputfile U => color left V => color right +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | How to get in touch with the author? | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ About Spriter Via E-Mail: Internet: send to: dsmits@zorro.ruca.ua.ac.be ^^^-> hey,don't lauch, I didn't choose its name if about spriter subscribe: Discordis.IGA anything else (e.g. application for GFX artist) subscribe: INSECABILIS Via Snail Mail: send to: Discordis/Insecabilis Paulus Beyestraat 91 2100 Deurne (BELGIUM) +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | Insecabilis? Never heard of! Who are they? | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ Insecabilis is the name of a Demo/Intro/Game group I am trying to start. At the moment of this writing, there are 3 members Dimitri Smits (Discordis): CODER Benjamin De Hondt : MUSICIAN (has his own CD out in a couple of months) Ben Verpoorten : CODER If YOU are intersted in 'working' for a group such as ours, please contact me, I won't lauch (I'd probably do worse anyway). So, if you are a 'GOOD' GFX-artist, a 'GOOD' musician or a 'GOOD' CODER (preferably capable of writing his Sourcecode in TP7.0(with ASM-based subroutines) and able to create a musicsystem for 8CHN MODS(or something)) PLEASE send us some of your work, or tell us where to find it (on Internet) and we 'll take a look at it. We are (at least not for now) not yet into commercial demos, becoz we want to learn to code better and have more efficiency first, maybe we will in a 'near' FUTURE. +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | IGA-Format | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ + BYTE -+-------- DESCRIPTION --------------------------------+ |1 to 3 | IGA (header) | +-------+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 4 | Version this file was made with | +-------+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 5 | number of piccy's in FILE | +-------+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 6 | Y-axis of each piccy (set for all) | +-------+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 7 | X-axis of each piccy (set for all) | +-------+-----------------------------------------------------+ | 8 | number times (y times (x pixels)) | . . . . . . . . +-------------------------------------------------------------+ +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | Last Minute Note | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ This Package should be spread totally, without changes, and should contain the following files: SPRIV100.DOC you are reading this SPRIHIST.INS history file SPRITER.DAT DATA-file for SPRITER SPRITER.EXE SPRITER, the executable FILE_ID.DIZ description-file PALETTE.PAL palette-file (if you make another palette, this won't change the palette in the program, but if your palette is better, you may always send it in)