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 GRR v1.0 - GIF File Info Displayer  David D.Anderson 19.08.93

Программа для вывода информации о конкретном GIF файле или о всех GIF файлах в указанном каталоге. Выдает размер файла, дату и время создания, формат данных и разрешение изображения. Вывод можно переадресовать в файл.
GRR- Free DOS utility: GIF file info displayer v1.00. GRR displays information about GIF files in the current or specified directory. source.


GRR Free DOS utility: GIF file info displayer Version 1.00 - August 19, 1993 (c) 1993 by David Daniel Anderson Reign Ware GRR displays information about GIF files in the current or specified directory. Usage: GRR directory and/or file_spec[.GIF] Example: GRR cindyc* Example: GRR b:\fash-*.gif Usage is pretty straightforward, just run GRR followed by the files you want info about. GRR can use DOS wildcards (? and *), and can be run on GIF files in a drive or directory other than the current one. Output is redirectable. GRR will not check files unless they have a .GIF extension - no matter what you specify on the command line. Here is a sample of the output, explanation follows: [start of sample] Filename Filesize Filedate Filetime GIF ver. Image data* map/gl DAX.GIF 71951 02-22-93 01:00:02 GIF87a [640 480 16 ] GCM/-- DAX-2.GIF 52618 02-22-93 01:00:02 GIF87a [640 480 16 ] GCM/-- DS9-01.GIF 62679 01-21-93 12:35:42 GIF87a [340 292 256 ] GCM/-- DS9-02.GIF 150116 01-26-93 18:52:28 GIF89a [346 480 256 ] GCM/-- DS9-04.GIF 142412 01-26-93 18:52:38 GIF89a [350 480 256 ] GCM/-- DS9CREW.GIF 136885 02-09-93 20:21:02 GIF87a [630 418 256 ] GCM/-- KIRA.GIF 227930 05-02-93 23:15:52 GIF87a [582 808 128 ] GCM/-- KIRA_TO.GIF 105243 05-28-93 01:00:02 GIF87a [304 443 256 ] GCM/-- LT-DAX.GIF 50538 12-31-92 04:02:20 GIF87a [320 293 256 ] GCM/-- STDS901.GIF 188070 01-06-93 02:49:42 GIF89a [640 443 256 ] GCM/-- [end of sample] Notes: ------ Filename/ size/ date/ time should be self-explanatory. GIF version can be either GIF87a or GIF89a (so far, those are the only two versions used). Image data is WIDTH x HEIGHT x COLORS of image. The last column will usually be "GCM/--". The two fields are map/gl: Map can be either GCM or LCM [global or local color map]. GL means that a GIFLITE (tm) header was found, and "--" means one was not found. Since the GIFLITE header can be "erased" by some programs (and can be omitted by the registered version of GIFLITE - so I hear), a GIF file may be compressed by GIFLITE, but GRR will not know it. The GIFLITE header will (probably) not be detected if the GIF version is GIF89a and embedded comments are present.