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 YahWho - a Computerized Version of Yahtzee  Keith Greer 19.07.1993

YahWho is a computerized version of Yahtzee. BP7-TV source code is included. TVHC and HELPFILE is from BP examples (...\EXAMPLES\DOS\TVDEMO)


Please distribute - this is a FREEWARE package. No charge, but contributions humbly accepted. Send to author at address below. Files included in the YahWho! package are: contents doc - This file! revision doc - Revision history. makehelp bat - Used with TVHC.EXE to remake YAHWHO.HLP from YAHHELP.TXT yahhelp pas - Created by TVHC.EXE from YAHHELP.TXT yahhelp txt - Help source file yahwho exe - YAHWHO itself yahwho hlp - Online help file used by YAHWHO.EXE yahwho pas - Main Borland Pascal 7.0 source code yahwho1 pas - Global declarations unit used in YAHWHO.PAS gpframe pas - Group frame unit Make sure these files are kept together. All you need to run YahWho is YAHWHO.EXE. It's nice to have YAHWHO.HLP around in the same place as YAHWHO.EXE in case you need online help, but it's not required. All the other files are not needed for running. Borland (or Turbo) Pascal 7.0 with Turbo Vision REQUIRED to recompile the source. A note from the author: I wrote YahWho as an exercise in sharpening my Turbo Vision skills. I didn't really need another Yahtzee game, but I had the source to an old one and I wanted to see exactly what was involved in converting an old program to a Turbo Vision environment. I am making you the beneficiary of my efforts by providing the complete source code, in the hope that you may do the same for me someday. I might learn something from you! If you hack this code and redistribute it, at least do me the favor of giving me credit for the original code; place that credit at the front end of the source. Since this code is freeware, I won't support it or otherwise be responsible for it. I don't mind discussing it with fellow programmers though, on your nickle of course. If you need to contact me, or can spare a donation of any amount, write to the following address: Keith Greer 68 Tamworth Rd. Troy, OH 45373-1551 Enjoy!