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 26 Text Mode Games to Learn Pascal Language  Some authors 20.01.1985

Сборник из 26 простейших игровых программ для текстового режима. Интересное пособие для тех, кто начинает изучать Паскаль. Некоторые игры написаны еще на TP3.0, поэтому потребуется небольшая адаптация, например, замена read(kbd...) на readkey.
These programs were put together to help me learn PASCAL. They function fairly well as games and are provided for your amusement. Although intructions are provided by each program, a brief description of each program is provided below.


These programs were put together to help me learn PASCAL. They function fairly well as games and are provided for your amusement. Although intructions are provided by each program, a brief description of each program is provided below. AMAZING.PAS Build and moving the maze (labirint). ARTILLRY.PAS This is a typical cannon shooting game. You pick an angle to fire the cannon at and, if you get close enough, you hit the enemy. BACCARAT.PAS Baccarat is a card game popular in Europe. It is a high stakes gambling game favored by the rich (us poor types can't afford it). The player and the bank get two cards each. Tens and face cards count 0, number cards count their value and aces count one. Each player totals his cards modulo 10 (anything over 10 is dropped) and the higher total wins. An additional card may be added if desired. A total of 8 or 9 on the initial two cards is called a "NATURAL" and wins immediately. An example of counting; dealt an ace and a six, the player has a total of seven; dealt a jack and a three, the player has a total of three; dealt a five and an eight, the player has a total of three (thirteen minus ten). BJGAME.PAS This is the time honored game of blackjack. This is a pretty rudimentary version of the game as splitting and doubling down are not allowed. Blackjacks are honored, but pay only even money. Blackjack pushes are won by the house. The dealer plays on even if you bust and thus can also bust. This is a push (no bet). BLACKBOX.PAS This a game to guess where a hidden object (or objects) are in a black box. You do this by shooting balls into the box and observing where they exit (if they exit). This is affected by the way the ball enetering approaches the waiting object. If it hits head on, the ball is absorbed, if it passed between two objects separated by one space, the ball is reflected back to the source, if it is adjacent to an object on the edge, the ball is reflected back to the source, if it is diagonal to an object, the ball is reflected at a right angle to the original path. BLOCK.PAS This is a block letter producer. BOGGLE.PAS This is a version of the ever popular number guessing game mastermind. CHUCKLCK.PAS This is a dice rolling game. You pick a number and bet that at least one of three dice rolled will be that number. CRIBBAGE.PAS WELCOME TO KIDDIE KRIBBAGE! Adapted from "Cribbage" in APPLE PASCAL GAMES, by Douglas Hergert and Joseph T. Kalash, pages 301-349. Sybex, 1981. TURBO Pascal 1.0, Copyright 1983 by Borland Int. 1/17/84 DCO It''s you against me, kid! Whoever pegs 121 points first wins! DODGE.PAS This is a dodge'em type game where you are being pursued by various meanies and your object is to avoid them or preferrably destroy them. GUESSIT.PAS This is the simpliest game, guessing a number between 1 and 100. You are told if you are high or low. HANGMAN.PAS This a typical hangman program. It has a list of words (see MAKEFILE.PAS), selects one and then you guess the letters in the word, with seven incorrect guesses causing the man to be hanged. HORSERAC.PAS This is a rather complicated horse race game. A series of twelve horses start the race. Each horse has a different handicap which is a distance to run. Two dice are rolled and the horse represented by the total of the dice may be moved one length, or the horses represented by each die may be moved one length. KENO.PAS This is a version of the Las Vegas gambling game KENO. You are allowed to choose 8 numbers from 1 to 80. The computer will select 20 numbers in the same range. You win based on how many of your numbers the computer also selected. KISMET.PAS This game is very similar to Yahtzee. Variations are added by the introduction of color on the dice and an extra roll. The game ends after six turns by each player. LANDER.PAS This a game where you try to land on a planet. The planet is unspecified and changes each game. Thus the gravity changes, as well as fuel supplies, speed, and starting height. In addition there are meteor swarms to contend with. The file LANDINST.DAT contains instructions for this game. LANDINST.DAT The instructions for LANDER.PAS. LIFE.PAS LIFE simulates the growth of a colony of animalcules in a square World. Whether a cell is born, lives or dies depends on the number of living animalcules near by. If a cell is empty and has exactly 3 neighbors, it will be born in the next generation. If it is alive and has 2 or 3 neighbors, it will stay alive. Otherwise, it either dies of loneliness or suffocates from overcrowding. You type in the starting pattern, giving the XY location of each cell. When you enter X Y be sure to leave a SPACE between the numbers. When you are through seeding a colony, enter a -1 to begin the generations. The < key speeds things up a bit, the > key slows things down. In the good old days at M.I.T., this game was played with pencil & graph paper. MAKEFILE.PAS This is the program to create the word file for HANGMAN.PAS. It must be run to create a word file before HANGMAN can be used. NUMCNVRT.PAS This program lets you practice converting numbers from one base to another. OVERUNDR.PAS This is a dice betting game. You pick a number from 2 to 12 and roll two dice. You win (four to one) if the roll matches the number picked, or (even money) if both the bet and the roll are over or under seven. PASCAL.PAS This program prints out Pascal triangles. PLIFE.PAS This is a version of LIFE, the classic computer game. You enter the coordinates of each starting cell until the initial pattern is set. You can erase a set cell by re-entering the cell's coordinates. Setting coordinates outside the basic colony will end the input phase. The colony will cycle until one of three things happen; 1) the colony dies out, 2) the colony stabilizes (no births or deaths), or 3) a key on the keyboard is pressed. SNAKE.PAS In this game, you try to get the treasure before the snake roaming the screen can get you. The snake will ignore you for a while, but will get REAL interested as you build up a cash supply. Your object is to get the cash and get out the door. Use the U, N, H, and J keys to go up, down, left and right. TELEPHON.PAS This program generates letter patterns out of telephone numbers. TWINKLE.PAS This program fills the screen with stars then erases them in interesting patterns. WUMPUS.PAS This is a typical game of Hunt the Wumpus.