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 Two Players Tic-Tac-Toe for Text Mode   Hagen 01.01.1997

Игра "Крестики-Нолики 3x3" для двух игроков. Сначала ход делает один игрок, затем второй.


HXH XX> :!t ..:nnMMMM$t ..:xXMMMMM> ..:n!MM?XM hHMM!MMM*"" "" 'xMXMMM$M"""^" /n!X!!X!~"" "" '8M" $F 48*` ^X Uf" ?X .X XF :n M . :x 4M Rf Mf4r :MMM# M M xSXX 4# MM MF4$ dMP ? M> dM" 4M :x. MP Xk4$ :Mf M X? dM 4M XXMMM. JM> MK'M Mf $ $M> .M 3X uMRMM!MxXMxx MF'M HP <X M^R $~ MR M?P^"NXWMMMH 5F4M M 'M X X .f XM MM` 'M'M Mk4R JP M M X d~ 4f Rf df R M 4M M 'f M X M M M M~ M M 48 f ?> H ? M R 'M R M 4M 4F M ?>@MMMX 4 :M M )M MM R @ 4$ 4> ?M X>8M"#M M MM 8 RX R M M 4$ X> .MP M>'> )M M JM" M tM Jf $ '$ 4$ MF .Mf !>'f ?" M :MF $ 'H @ R> N 4$ ML MP X><L R 'M .M" R 'M @f RM < M 4$ 8Mr XP M>'W M M8 .M" R 8hxM "MHM $M '$ 'RM.MR $ :R 4> 'Mk.XR 4M `MP *R" MM '$ XR* M>#> MM" 4M have you ever played tic tac toe? all you have to do is, first of all, choose between Xs or Os. after that is complete, the player that has Xs will go first. the player will place the X anywhere on the 3x3 grid. then the O player will place an O anywhere on the grid. the object of this game is to make a line of 3-in-a-row on the grid. wether it be diagonal or straight.... so have fun! this is something that i had to do for my first major grade in my computer science class that i am taking.. i don't care what you do with it, i don't care if you put your name on it! you will notice when you load the text file that it has a huge constant array that consists of characters and color codes.. it was made by ACiDDraw, this ansi/ascii utility (http://www.acid.org). if anyone knows how to use the colors in there pascal ansi-arrays can you please contact me at hagen@hcn.hcnews.com? i would really appreciate it! -hagen hagen@hcn.hcnews.com http://www.hcnews.com/~hagen