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 Space Investors 5.2 - The War with Marsians  Timothy Campbell 16.07.1989

Text Mode Game. Save the Earth from the hideous terror in the skies! Fight off the evil alien claim-jumpers from Alpo Centurian!


+------------------------------------+ -)>|| THE "SPACE INVESTORS" VIDEO GAME ||<(- +------------------------------------+ VERSION 5.2 -- By Timothy Campbell ---------------------------------- It ain't much, but it does work! Save the Earth from the hideous terror in the skies! Fight off the evil alien claim-jumpers from Alpo Centurian! Space Investors was designed to enable almost anybody to achieve an "arcade- game high" -- that glassy-eyed state of utter concentration in which your hands fly with an apparent will of their own, while your very existence seems to depend upon the destruction of just ... one ... more ... alien!!! Now, that particular state of mind may or may not be a good thing, but it IS a great way to burn off (ZAP!) your frustrations (POW!) and your basic desire (BOOM!) to bash something into smithereens. Here's the trick: Space Investors builds up the speed SLOWLY. This may be a little dull for seasoned monster-mashers, but it does give mere mortals a chance to "get into" the game before they're destroyed. STRATEGY TIPS ------------- WARNING! Some game secrets are revealed, here! Maybe you'd prefer to find -------- them out for yourself? If you'd like the challenge, skip the rest of this article. Each ship has a different personality and moves in a different way. Here are some aspects of their battle-plan: THE MOTHERSHIP is as fast as YOU are, so you can't chase it. What's more, as your score gets higher, it drops "smart" bombs that chase after you. And as time goes on, you'll notice that it tends to back up for another try, if it missed you the first time. (This can work AGAINST it, too!) THE BATTLE-POD also has smart bombs. If the ship that dropped a smart-bomb is destroyed, or leaves the screen, the bomb loses its "chase" capability. THE OBSERVER seldom drops bombs, but he keeps FOLLOWING YOU AROUND! What's more, he's tiny ... and he moves at FIVE TIMES your speed! Leave him alone. As your score gets higher, the games gets faster, the bombs get smarter, and the ships become more devious. For example, a ship can "jump over" one of your missiles by changing levels. As your score increases, you'll see this happening more frequently. You get new shield-boxes for every 1000 points you score. The designer of this game has never scored more than 8000 points. Mind you, he's a lousey video-gamer. By the way, the keyboard layout was designed to be comfortable for touch- typists. It may prove to be easier for you than the usual arrow-keys method.