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 Adventure Game Toolkit Version 1.7  David R. Malmberg 23.07.1994

Система для разработки собственных приключенческих (adventure) игр в ТЕКСТОВОМ режиме. Приведены исходники самой системы и пример реализации игры "Пещера Колоссов" (Colossal Cave). Adventure Game Toolkit - Turbo Pascal source code to AGT v1.7 - Freeware authoring system.


+------------------------------------------+ | ¬¬ Adventure Game Toolkit ¬¬ | | Contains Turbo PASCAL source code to AGT | | Version 1.7. Create your very own text | | adventure games with this easy-to-use | | "authoring system" which can be used to | | make games as professional as those from | | INFOCOM and others. 384K memory needed. | | Now "freeware" -- No royalties or fees. | +------------------------------------<ASP>-+ SHORT-DESCRIPTION: TURBO PASCAL SOURCE CODE for the ... Adventure Game Toolkit (or AGT) -- Version 1.7 Create and play your own text adventure games with this easy-to-use, award-winning package. AGT games can be big (200 locations, 100's of objects, people, creatures), sophisticated (500 or more word vocabulary, full-sentence parser), and very professional (numerous reviewers have likened AGT games to those from INFOCOM). Comes with a sample game, Colossal Cave, and extensive documentation. 384K memory needed. ASP member. AGT is now "freeware." KEYWORDS: ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT AGT TEXT ASP FREEWARE SOURCE PASCAL OVERVIEW OF THE ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT: The ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT (AGT) lets you design/write your own high-quality text adventure games. Once created, these adventure games can be shared with others -- even if they do not have a copy of the AGT themselves. AGT has a number of features that make it a very comprehensive adventure game creation product. Some of these key features are: * "Look and feel" of Infocom adventure games with similar screen layout and standard vocabulary and routines. * Large standard vocabulary with potential to define many more words unique to your gam. Typical games can have a vocabulary of 500 words or more. * Sophisticated parser that can understand (1) complex input commands including pronouns (IT, HIM, HER, THEM, MY and ITS), and (2) compound commands separated by AND or THEN or punctuation symbols, and (3) commands addressed to characters within the game. Here are a few examples of commands AGT can handle with ease: GET THE FLASH LIGHT AND THEN SWITCH IT ON PUT ON THE CLOAK, THEN EXAMINE IT; READ ITS LABEL PLACE THE GREEN ROCK AND THE SMALL PEBBLE BEHIND THE TREE ENTER THE HOUSE; GET ALL; EXIT; SOUTH; SOUTH THEN DOWN SULU, SET A COURSE FOR ALPHA 14 SCOTTY, BEAM DOWN A TRICORDER AND THE QWERTY MODULE DROP THE FOOD, THE KEY AND THE BOTTLE THEN UNLOCK THE DOOR WITH THE BRASS KEY AND THEN LEAVE * Function and cursor keys predefined to input frequently used commands and move directions. * SCRIPT and UNSCRIPT commands to echo game output to printer. * Versions for IBM, Macintosh, Atari ST and Amiga. Games created on one of these computers can be played on all of the others without modifications to the game. WHAT THE REVIEWERS HAVE SAID ABOUT THE ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT "Using the Adventure Game Toolkit, anyone with an ounce of imagination can create a text adventure game ... similar in layout and sophistication to those made by Infocom and other commercial developers." -- Donald B. Trivette (PC Magazine) "The Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT) acts as a compiler which allows for creating remarkably complex and sophisticated games in a fairly simple way .... AGT's parser reminds me of Infocom's." -- Scorpia (Computer Gaming World) "If you have ever wondered what it is like to create your own adventure games, but didn't have the programming knowledge to do it, this product is for you .... The process is easy ... and you'll have hours of fun doing it." -- Resul DeMaria (Public Domain Software & Shareware) "The Adventure Game Toolkit from Softworks ... provides all the tools you need to build your own text based adventure games .... The Adventure Game Toolkit is an extremely powerful development package." -- Bob Napp (Big Blue Disk) Recently, the Adventure Game Toolkit was awarded the "Golden Chalice" Award by the Adventure And Strategy Club (of England). HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR AGT IBM: The games created by the Adventure Game Toolkit requires a computer with at least 384K of memory, MS-DOS 2.1, and at least one disk drive. It is possible to use any kind of monitor and AGT will automatically adjust its output to best suit the monitor. FILES AGT is composed of a Compiler and a Run-time program. These two programs are used to compile and run AGT adventure game source files. In this ZIP, the AGT Compiler Turbo Pascal source consists of: COMPILE.PAS -- the AGT Compiler Main program file *.PA3 -- various Include files In this ZIP, the AGT Run-time Turbo Pascal source consists of: RUN.PAS -- the AGT Run-time Main program file RUNPART1.PAS -- an AGT Run-time Unit file RUNPART2.PAS -- an AGT Run-time Unit file RUNPART3.PAS -- an AGT Run-time Unit file *.PA4 -- various Include files Note: These programs can be compile successfully with any versio of Borland and/or Turbo Pascal after version 3 (i.e., version 4 and above). In this ZIP, a sample AGT adventure game has been included to allow you to test out the compiled COMPILE.EXE and RUN.EXE programs. This AGT adventure is the original ADVENTURE game by Willie Crowther and Don Woods -- most often called the "Adventure In Colossal Cave." The AGT source files to this game are named CAVE with various extensions. To compile this game, give the command COMPILE CAVE at the DOS prompt. To run or play this game, give the command RUN CAVE at the DOS prompt. To learn more about how to write Adventure Games using AGT, you can read the AGT manual in the file AGT-DOC.TXT. Other AGT games and their source files may be found in the GAMERS forum on CompuServe (Just "Browse" with the keyword "AGT") or downloaded from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood BBS in Lexington, KY at (606) 271-0558. This BBS has the largest collection of Adventure related files in the US. THE ADVENTURE GAME TOOLKIT IS NOW "FREEWARE" AGT is now "freeware." This means that the authors, David Malmberg and Mark Welch, still retain the copyright to AGT and all of its related files, such as the documentations and sample games. However, you or any other user may use the AGT system to develop and distribute your own games without paying any royalty to the AGT authors. So enjoy!!