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 SysInfo - Turbo Pascal System Information Routines  Maarten Bekers 13.07.1997

Программа выводит основные параметры компьютера, системы, портов и дисков.
This program show System Info, Os Info, Input Info, Country Info, Ports Info, Hdd Info.


SYSINFO, (c)1996 by Maarten Bekers, The Elevator Software Productions. Copyright (c) 1996 by Maarten Bekers Created: [unknown] Last update: 03-Jul-1997 (last 'cleanups') This program was written a year of 2 back (early 1995), and some small modifications were made, until April 1996. This project is terminated, because of the long time back, I can't tell you if this program worked correctly :-)) It doesn't hang the machine here, so...;-) Most systeminformation routines are extracted from the "InfoPlus" source, other code was gathered from other sources (like SWAG, private pascal archives), and yet other code was written by me. Intensively used the interrupt list from Ralf Brown. ShowSystemInfo; ShowOsInfo; ShowInputInfo; ShowCountryInfo; ShowPortsInfo; ShowHddInfo;