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 Enhansed DOS Toolbox.   Виктор Вагнер 11.07.1994

SoftWeyr enhanced DOS ToolBox is a huge library, containing more than 64 procedures and functions which covers various kind of file handling, memory management on DOS level etc etc.


****************************************************************** * SWDOS.PAS * * SoftWeyr enhanced DOS toolbox * * version 1.3 * * Copyright (c) by SoftWeyr,1994-95 * ****************************************************************** SoftWeyr enhanced DOS ToolBox is a huge library, containing more than 64 procedures and functions which covers varios kind of file handling, memory management on DOS level etc etc. It can be used either in simple command-line controlled programs, or in sophisticated TurboVision applications. It is designed for real usage in real programs. Most procedures are written on assemble language (but not inline assembler, therefore it can be used it Turbo Pascal prior 6.0) It covers following topics: 1. General purpose file handling without usage of file variable. 2. Increasing count of availiable files 3. Standard input/output, including STDERR, SDPRN 4. Duplicate output to screen/TV window to file/printer 5. Output with pause after each n lines invisible to your program. 6. Really international UpCase 7. Allocation/deallocation DOS memory, including UMB 8. Environment handling, including returning values to parent process 9. Text file positioning 10. Switching between A: and B: on single drive system 11. Checking redirection of input/output. 12. Temorary files 13. Treating memory blocks as text files This package is freeware and can be used in any purpose. The only restriction is: if you want to redistribute it, please redistribute all package including PASCAL and ASSEMBLER sources and both versions of documentation - English and Russian. Content of package README - it is what you are reading now SWDOS.PAS - Pascal source SWDOS.ENG - Documentation on English SWDOS.RUS - Documentation on Russian MAKEFILE - Instruction for MAKE.EXE, how to compile it Assembler Object Content sources files ASCIIZ.ASM ASCIIZ.OBJ - Internal procedure for file handling routines ATTR.ASM ATTR.OBJ - SetFileAttr, GetFileAttr CLOSE.ASM CLOSE.OBJ - CloseHandle DEVWRITE.ASM DEVWRITE.OBJ - DevWrite DOREDIR.ASM DOREDIR.OBJ - Redirect,CancelRedirection DOSALLOC.ASM DOSALLOC.OBJ - DOSAlloc DOSFREE.ASM DOSFREE.OBJ - DosFree DUPOUT.ASM DUPOUT.OBJ - Internal procedure for Tee ENVIRON.ASM ENVIRON.OBJ - AccessParentEnv, GetEnvSize ERASE.ASM ERASE.OBJ - EraseFile FTIME.ASM FTIME.OBJ - GetFileTime, SetFileTime HTIME.ASM HTIME.OBJ - GetHandleTime, SetHandleTime MAXFILES.ASM MAXFILES.OBJ - MaxFiles MEMTOP.ASM MEMTOP.OBJ - SetMemTop ONEDRIVE.ASM ONEDRIVE.OBJ - GetDriveLetter, SetDriveLetter, IsDriveMappable REDIR.ASM REDIR.OBJ - Redirected RENAME.ASM RENAME.OBJ - RenameFile STRATEGY.ASM STRATEGY.OBJ - GetAllocationStrategy, SetAllocationStrategy TEMPFILE.ASM TEMPFILE.OBJ - Internal procedure for AssignTemp TEXTPOS.ASM TEXTPOS.OBJ - TextPos TEXTREC.ASM - Definitions for TextPos and TextSeek TEXTSEEK.ASM TEXTSEEK.OBJ - TextSeek UMBLINK.ASM UMBLINK.OBJ - GetUmbLink, SetUmbLink UPCASE.ASM UPCASE.OBJ - Upcase, StUpCase UPCASE7.ASM UPCASE7.OBJ - StrUpper There are also several files with extension OBP which are compilied from same sources as corresponding OBJ files, but with protected mode options How to contact with authors: E-Mail: vitus@agropc.msk.su FIDO : 2:5020/358.5 Phone : 7-(095)-230-80-61 (office)