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 RstModem v1.1 - Reset Modem without Turn Off  Frank Longmore 18.01.1993

Программа для сброса и инициализации "зависшего" модема без его выключения.
Hangs up and resets your modem without turning it off, or sends a specified command to modem. Includes Turbo Pascal Source Code.


RSTMODEM.EXE Ver. 1.1 by Frank Longmore USAGE: RSTMODEM (comm port #) [OPTIONAL MODEM COMMAND] * comm port must be "1" or "2" only * optional modem command must not contain spaces What with all the experimenting I've done with BBS software, various modems, and countless combinations of "initialization strings", I've gotten the modem into a semi-permanent state of confusion many times. Since it's quite an inconvenience to "power down" an internal modem, and time consuming to fire up a "comm" program just to send reset commands to the modem, I wrote this program. If no command line parameters are specified, the program will ask which comm port is to be initialized and then proceed with initializing that comm port. If the first (or only) command line parameter is the number "1" or "2", the program will proceed with initializing that comm port. The program will then initialize the specified comm port at 1200 Baud, even parity, seven data bits, and one stop bit. If no other command line parameter is present, It will then send the following strings to the modem: ATH0 <CR> {hangs up the modem if it was "off-hook"} delay of 800 milliseconds.{to allow for modem response time} AT&F <CR> {resets modem to all factory settings} delay of 800 milliseconds.{to allow for modem response time} ATZ <CR> {resets modem} delay of 800 milliseconds.{to allow for modem response time} Alternatively, if a second command line parameter is used, the modem reset strings described above are NOT sent, and the second command line parameter IS sent (after initializing the specified comm port as described above). In either case, (0, 1, or 2 command line parameters), the program will then read the specified comm port for input characters received from the modem, and will display them on the screen. Trying to reset a comm port which is not communicating with a modem will cause some unpredictable characters to be displayed and may produce unpredictable results. RSTMODEM was written in Turbo Pascal 4.0. The async routines which actually initialize the comm ports and setup and restore the interrupts were written by Kevin R. Bulgrien. The source code is included in the "ZIP" file. It should run on any kind of a P.C., but it will only reset a modem on Comm1 or Comm2 (not Comm3 or Comm4). RSTMODEM is free, I do not want anything for it. But there is no guarantee of any kind expressed or implied, as they say. If you have any comments or have made any improvements, you could reach me on Compuserve or Genie. -- Frank Longmore 4/2/91