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 PVT100 - VT100 emulator for TP6.0   Michel Deslierres 10.10.1994

Эмулятор терминала VT100 для TP6.0.
PVT100 is a translation into pascal (tp 6.0) of CVT100 a VT100 emulator written in C by Jerry Joplin.


PVT100 is actually a translation into pascal (tp 6.0) of CVT100 a VT100 emulator written in C by Jerry Joplin. This translation was "homework" for me as I wanted to learn how to write a small communication package. I was impressed with the fact that CVT100 was Windows and DesqView aware. While I did compile PVT100 and did use it to communicate with an HP3000 running HP-UX, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the emulator. Joplin does mention in his documentation that he had a problem with the colour routines he used. The problem did not go away during the translation unfortunately. In the Heath 19 emulator that I eventually wrote I decided to avoid the whole issue. The screen is not updated when colours are changed and only new text written to the screen use the new colours. For the most part the translation was done in a rather mechanical fashion and the resulting code is not the best pascal code. I believe that the pascal units correspond quite well to Joplin's c modules except for a few routines that may have been moved to reduce the amount of circular references between units. I left the mutual calls between KEYIO and VTSETUP as it looked like to much work to remove. This is the dependancy tree of the programme. PVT100 +-FILEIO (1) | +-DEFINES (6) +-COMIO (2) +-VIDIO (3) +-KEYIO (5) | +-VTSETUP (4) +-VTTIO (7) COMIOTES.PAS is a small programme I used to debug COMIO. PVT100 can be compiled by Turbo Pascal version 6.0. It may not work with earlier versions because procedural types are used. What follows is Jerry Joplin's documentation. Hope this is useful. Michel Deslierres dВpartement d'Вconomie desliem@umoncton.ca UniversitВ de Moncton