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 PCL4P v4.0 - Personal Communications Library for TP  MarshallSoft Computing 25.10.1993

Коммуникационная библиотека для работы с последовательными портами COM1..CO10 и мультипортовкой DigiBoard/8 на скорости до 115200 бод. Одновременная работа с четырьмя портами. Включает в себя терминальную программу с поддержкой протоколов ASCII, XMODEM, YMODEM, YMODEM-G. Приведены все паскальные исходники и документация. Ассемблерный код не приведен, только OBJ файл.
PCL4P v4.0 is an asynch communications library supporting COM1-COM10 to 115200 baud, 4 ports concurrently, DigiBoard PC/8, INS16550, interrupt driven, RTS/CTS flow control. Includes a terminal program with ASCII, XMODEM, YMODEM, YMODEM-G protocols.


*** SHAREWARE DOCUMENTATION *** The Personal Communications Library for Turbo Pascal (PCL4P) is an asynchronous communications library designed for experienced software developers programming in Turbo Pascal, version 4.0 and up. The PCL features: o 32 communications and support functions. o Support for the high performance INS16550 UART. o Supports hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control. o Interrupt driven receiver and transmitter (optional). o Supports 300 baud to 115,200 baud. o Supports the DigiBoard PC/4 and PC/8. o Supports COM1 through COM4 (through COM10 with DigiBoard). o Adjustable receive queues from 8 bytes to 32 KB. o Control-BREAK error exit. o 18 communications error conditions trapped. o Allows 4 ports to run concurrently (10 with DigiBoard). o Complete modem control & status. o Written in assembly language for small size & high speed. o Terminal program featuring ASCII (with XON/XOFF), XMODEM, YMODEM, and YMODEM-G. Why should you buy PCL4P ? I can give you several good reasons. COMPLETE - PCL4P is complete since it provides absolute control of the serial ports (including the high performance INS16550). COMPACT - PCL4P is very compact at less than 6 KB. Your application doesn't carry a lot of excess code. FAST - PCL4P is fast since it will run at 38400 baud on even slow 8088 PCs (4.77 MHZ) and at 115200 baud on most everything else. SUPPORT - If you get stuck, you talk to the programmer that wrote the code, not a person hired to answer the phone. BBS - A BBS is available (2400 baud N81) in order to provide immediate support as necessary. NEWSLETTER - One year subscription to the MSC newsletter discusses communications problems and solutions (published quarterly). PRICE - You get PCL4P for a very reasonable price ! UPGRADES - Once you buy PCL4P, you can always update to the most recent version for little more than the cost of sending it out to you. Several example programs ( source code ) are provided along with the small model library and makefiles for each of the supported compilers. The example programs are: (1) SIMPLE is an extremely simple terminal emulator program. It is provided as the smallest and easiest to understand example of communications programming using PCL4P. (2) TERM is a more capable terminal emulator than SIMPLE. It functions as a dumb terminal emulator but can exchange files using XMODEM (Standard XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC, and XMODEM-1K) and YMODEM (standard and YMODEM-G) communication protocols. TERM will also send an initialization string to your Hayes compatible modem. The shareware distribution does not include the source code to the library, but all example code is included. For more information, refer to the Personal Communications Library Users Manual ( PCL4P.USR ) and Personal Communications Library Reference Manual ( PCL4P.REF ), which are part of PCL4P32.ZIP. A C version of the library ( PCL4C ) is also available. *** Registration *** The shareware version of PCL4P.LIB is provided so that you may personally determine the usefulness of the product for yourself. If you can use the Personal Communications Library for Turbo Pascal , please register your use with us. Send $55 plus $3 S&H ($6 outside of North America) to: MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. Post Office Box 4543 Huntsville AL 35815 Voice 205-881-4630 FAX 205-881-4630 BBS 205-880-9748 The registered package includes: o Assembler source code for the library. o Printed Users Manual. o Printed Reference Manual. o Telephone, FAX, BBS support for one year. o EXAMPORT -- Free utility which displays a detailed formatted report for any serial port. For example, to display a report for COM1, type "EXAMPORT 1". PCL4P.ASM is the source code for the library. The source code is copyrighted by MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. The user is granted a license to use the PCL4P object code in his own application only. PCL4P.ASM is not shareware and may not be sold or given away to anyone. The registered user will receive the latest version of PCL4P by return mail. A 5.25" diskette is provided unless a 3.5" diskette is requested.