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 PCL4P v3.0 - Personal Communications Library For TP4  MarshallSoft Computing 24.01.1992

Библиотека для работы с последовательными портами с 1 по 4й, причем два из них - одновременно. Приведены паскальные исходники, документация и примеры. Ассемблерных исходников нет, только OBJ файл.
PCL4P is a high speed asynchronous communications library for Turbo Pascal. The PCL features:
 Interrupt driven receiver.
 Supports COM1 - COM4 upto 115,200 baud.
 Allows 2 ports to run concurrently.
 Complete modem control and status.
 Written in assembly language for small size & high speed.
 Included: Full user manual, samples, but no assembler sources :(


Personal Communications Library For Turbo Pascal ( Version 4.0 & up) ( PCL4P ) Version 3.0 Jan 15, 1992 This software is provided as-is. There are no warranties, expressed or implied. Copyright (C) 1992 All rights reserved MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. Post Office Box 4543 Huntsville AL 35815 Phone (205) 881-4630 Introduction The Personal Communications Library for Turbo Pascal ( PCL4P ) is an asynchronous communications library designed for experienced software developers programming in Turbo Pascal. An IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible is required. The PCL features: o 26 communications and support functions. o Interrupt driven receiver. o Supports 300 baud to 115,200 baud. o Supports COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4. o Adjustable receive queues from 8 bytes to 16 KB. o Control-BREAK error exit. o 17 communications error conditions trapped. o Allows 2 ports to run concurrently. o Complete modem control & status. o Written in assembly language for small size & high speed. License MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. grants the registered user of PCL4P the right to use the PCL4P library ( in object form ) in the development of any software product without any royalties. However, the source code for the library may not be released in whole or in part.