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 AmFossil - Turbo Pascal FOSSIL Unit   Andrew J. Mead 18.04.1991

Модуль для работы с RS-232 через Fossil драйвер.
AmFOSSIL Unit by Andrew J. Mead. It is a RS-232 communication library for FOSSIL driver


Unit AMFOSSIL; Copyright (C) 1990 Andrew J. Mead All Rights Reserved. Contact: POB 1155 Chapel Hill NC 27514-1155 USA 1:151/223 (Andrew J. Mead) Fido Net 98@9968 WWIV Net Original version 4/18/91 Version 1 - 4/18/91 This package should contain the following files PASFOSS1.ZIP AMFOSSIL.PAS Turbo Pascal Unit for FOSSIL version 5 FSC-0015.ZIP Fido Technical Standards Documentation for FOSSIL v5 FSC-0015.DOC Text describing FOSSIL BIOS function calls FSC-0015.CHT Chart of FOSSIL BIOS calls READTHIS.TXT This file here AMFOSSIL AM FOSSIL is FREEWARE. You may distribute it and use it as you will. Only distribute it in complete form. If you use the routines, please give credit. Do not pay anything for, nor charge anything for these routines. Portions of these routines are used in the BBS Onliner Interface (BOI). Both Pascal and C source code versions are available from Andrew Mead. The BBS Onliner Interface allows programmers to easily write online doors that run under more than 30 different BBS systems, with or without FOSSIL installed, using standard or non-standard IRQ/port address combinations, or even using locked bps modems. The BOI is a SHAREWARE product. Look for BOI???C.ZIP or BOI???P.ZIP where ??? represents the current version number. FSC-0015 I urge you to read this document (FSC-0015.DOC) and its companion (FSC-0015.CHT) before using and FOSSIL routines. This document in either arc or zip format should be available on any FidoNet BBS near you.