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 FComm 2.40 - FOSSIL driven I/O Library for BBS Doors   Michael Paine 07.03.1991

Коммуникационный модуль для TP6.0, поддерживающий работу с COM портом через Fossil драйвер. Приведена интерфейсная часть и примеры использования. Исходника нет.
FComm - A FOSSIL driven I/O Library for Doors w/lots-of-goodies :) TPU6.0 :(, Interface and a sample included


FComm - A FOSSIL driven I/O Library for Doors w/lots-of-goodies :) - for use with Turbo Pascal 6.0 - for use with Remote Access v1.0 - works with RA's *.BBS files, DOOR.SYS and DORINFO?.SYS - SysOp "hot-keys" (see documentation or source code) - Code supporting Interactive EMSI - Emulated "windowed" ANSI & AVATAR graphics - Status line on caller - Checks for carrier drop, keyhit timeout and time-limit timeout. - semi-intelligent code - nice programmer who takes suggestions.. (yuck) - and FREE. Copyright (c) 1991 by Michael Paine - I hope this gets improved by a few programmers out there.. all I ask for is to only have one "valid" copy floating around, or chaos will definately occur, so please send improvements to: FidoNet NETMAIL @ 1:363/111 or Data (407)862-4724 (The SCSI Resource BBS) A "TRUST-ME" NOTE: THE BEST WAY TO LEARN THIS LIBRARY IS TO KEEP USING IT UNTIL IT WORKS. THAT SOUNDS BACKWARDS, BUT IT IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK...