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 CD_PAS v1.0 - Modem Carrier Detector  Lavi Tidhar 29.07.1993

Небольшая программка для проверки из командного BAT файла - установлена ли несущая? ВВ качестве результата возвращает код ErrorLevel.
Carrier Detector v1.0 - Detect modem carriers. Support COM port 1-4. Generate ERRORLEVEL codes. Can be used in batch files. Pascal SOURCE CODE & Batch file example included


Carrier Detector v1.0 - (c) Copyright 1993 Lavi Tidhar =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Greetings.. This archive should contain the following files: CARRIER.DOC - This file CARRIER.EXE - The compiled program CARRIER.PAS - The source code EXAMPLE.BAT - Batch file example of how to use CARRIER CATALOG.EXE - Programs catalog -------------------------------------------------------------------- | Carrier Detector is placed in the Public Domain by Lavi Tidhar | | 28th of July 1993. | -------------------------------------------------------------------- You are allowed to use Carrier Detector, EXE and source, in whole or in part, in whatever way you like. Please, only copy the original archive though. Do not modify the docs. I wrote Carrier because EXACTLY the same product exists in the SHAREWARE market already, and the author is asking $10 US for the program, and $50 (fiftee!!) for the SOURCE CODE !! (which is also in pascal). to make it worse, he added a 5sec delay and a stupid screen asking you to register. I find this as abusing the concept of shareware. Don't pay for worthless products! I hope you find this program/source code useful. If you don't, remember it's still FREE. if you payed $50 for the source code, well... And remember - support quality products!! -= Lavi Tidhar 1993 =-