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 ASYNC12 - Interrupt-driven asyncronous communication  Mark Schultz 14.06.1989

Коммуникационный модуль для работы с COM портами. Поддерживает до 4х портов одновременно и скорость до 115200 бод.
ASYNC v1.2 - Turbo Pascal communication UNIT that will fully implement interrupt-driven serial communications on a fully PC-compatible computer (those machines that use the 8250 or equivalent UART mapped at the standard addresses). Full simultaneous buffering for both input and output with variable buffer sizes for each port is provided. Unlike many other libraries of a similar nature, up to 4 ports may be active simultaneously (easily modified for more)


<b>ASYNC12</b> Asyncronous Serial Communications Package for Turbo Pascal V5.0 Version 1.2 - 06/14/89 Copyright (C) 1989, Rising Edge Data Services ASYNC12 is a full-featured Turbo Pascal UNIT that provides interrupt-driven serial communication PC-compatable computers utilizing standard serial port hardware (INS 8250's or equivalent). Unlike similar offerings for Pascal programmers, ASYNC12 supports full input and output buffering for up to 4 ports operating CONCURRENTLY, with optional full hardware and/or software handshaking. In addition, key high-demand subroutines as well as the interrupt driver are implimented in assembly language for maximum performance. Baud rates to 115200 are supported, as well as non-standard rates and all possible wordsize/parity/stopbit combinations allowed by the 8250 UART. Features -- Version 1.2 ======================= * Supports up to 4 ports simultaneously. * Completely interrupt driven I/O for greatest efficiency. * Assembly language used for interrupt driver and key high-performance procedures and functions maximize throughput. * Created as a Turbo Pascal UNIT for ease of use. * Tight, well-commented, structured code for ease of modification/ enhancement. Includes both Pascal and Assembly source. * Supports both hardware (RTS/CTS) and software (XON/XOFF) handshaking, at user's option. * 28 procedures and functions in all to minimize programmer design time. You may reach me in following ways: Via US Mail: Via Modem ------------------------ --------------------------- Mark L. Schultz Best Power Technology BBS Rising Edge Data Services Necedah, WI USA 201 Liberty St. Apt. #4 User namp: Mark Schultz (or SYSOP) Mauston, WI USA 53948 Phone: (608) 565-7424 Voice: (608) 847-4287 I can also be reached at Exec-PC multiuser BBS based in Milwaukee, WI USA Phone: 414-964-5160. Username: Best Power