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 XOptimize v1.0 - XBBS Menu Files Optimizer  Keith Vertanen 24.03.1991

Программа для оптимизации файлов меню XBBS за счет сокращения длины меток и удаления комментариев.
Optimizes XBBS menu files by shortening label names and removing comments.


XOptimize v1.0 (c) Copyright 1991 by Keith Vertanen ------------------------------------------------------ "Everybody outta the pool! There's a lobster loose!" What it does: --------------- XOptimize will take your XBBS menu file and will optimize it for speed and space. It does this by removing comments, and renaming your long labels with short two letter labels. In theory this should speed up XBBS's interpretation of the menu, as it has a shorter string to search for and less menu to search through. Does it? You tell me... On my 45K menu file (yes I do keep my entire BBS in one menu), it shrank it to around 40K, a savings of 10% (and 5K in ram disk space). Just type XOPT without any command line options to get some help, that should be all you will need to get rocking. Program notes: --------------- The full Turbo Pascal 5.5 source code is provided along with the executable. Feel free to read the fully commented source listing (:)). You may modify the code for your own use, but if you intend to release a modified copy, you must contact me first. Also if you recompile the source, you will have to remove the CRC checking as you don't have the necessary code to add the CRC to the end of the EXE. A 32-bit CRC has also been added to the EXE, and XOptimize will check itself before running. If you get a CRC error message, you should replace the EXE will a new copy (a error could mean the EXE has been corrupted, or it may have been infected by a virus). Since XOptimize expects itself to be a certain length, do not compress it with any EXE compression utility (such as LZEXE or PKLITE). Author: --------------- I can be contacted by any of the following means: o XBBS echo o Netmail to Fidonet 1:282/73 (please poll for response) o On my BBS, Altered Dimensions (612) 779-6018. o Send SASE to: Keith Vertanen 7750 66th St. N. Pine Springs, MN 55115