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 WWIV BBS 3.21 Source Code for Turbo Pascal 7.0  James Fielden 27.07.1993

Исходники WWIV BBS для TP7.0.
WWIV v3.21d BBS source code (C) 1986 by Wayne Bell. Converted from TP3.0 to Turbo Pascal 7.0 by James Fielden


WWIV BBS v3.21d Copyright (C) 1986 by Wayne Bell INTRODUCTION: ============= Version 3.21 has been tested out pretty thoroughly, and no way has been found that remote callers can cause any harm to the computer itself, or any data outside the BBS. If you give other people high access, it will be possible for them to erase data from the BBS (ie, messages and files for downloading), but there is NO WAY they can, say, destroy WordStar documents you have in a different directory. If you have any questions or problems with WWIV (or if you just want to call), you can call the original WWIV at 213-208-6689. INSTALLATION: ============ You should skim through the entire installation section before beginning. On your hard disk, create a directory (such as BBS) that is a sub-directory of the root directory. Now, copy all the board files into that directory. Also copy the Turbo Pascal compiler into this directory. You should now enter the turbo pascal compiler, and run "INIT.PAS". This program will initialize the necessary BBS files and directories. You will be asked which com port (1 or 2) your modem is hooked up to, and what its maximum speed of operation is. For example, if you have a Smartmodem 1200 hooked up to COM1:, you are using com port 1 and your modem speed is 1200. You now need to compile to disk the main BBS program. To do this, compile BBS.PAS to a .COM file, then compile DLOADS.PAS and DOS.PAS to .CHN files. Wayne Bell Box 636 904 Silver Spur Road Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274