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 Trade War Viewer 8.8 - BBS Door Game Explorer  Robert Weaver 09.07.1991

Специальная полу-хакерская программа для получения допонительной полезной информации во время онлайновой BBS игры "Trade Wars".
Two programs to explore data of a popular BBS door game "Trade Wars". These programs should help to make keeping universe information straight a little easier, and increase your enjoyment of the game.


Abstract: ________ The game Trade Wars is a delightful mix of economic strategy, exploration, and military conquest. For the first two to succeed, however, requires a good working knowledge of the universe. Unfortunately, keeping all the information about which sectors you've visited, which are ports, and which is connected to which can be a nightmare. These two programs, "Convert" and "Examine" should help to make keeping that information straight a little easier, and increase your enjoyment of the game. The first program, "Convert", creates a data base of explored sectors, warps for each sector, if it is a port or not, and if a port, what it is selling. The second, "Examine", allows you to look at that data base in a variety of ways, from visual graphing of the data to asking questions about nearby ports and so on. What you need to run the programs: ---------------------------------- To create the data base, you need to be in a terminal program that allows ascii uploads and ascii captures. The best situation is one that allows you to do them simultaneously, i.e. capture input while uploading a file. Second best is to have a large scrollback buffer, that allows you to take pieces out of the scrollback and append them to a file. There are two versions of the programs, one for DOS machines and another for Macs. (Source code available if anyone wants to port it to the Amiga or something. Should only require minor changes to file I/O and graphics.) If you are running the DOS versions, you will need the device drivers (.BGI files) suitable for your machine. FEEDBACK ________ Best place for info is 415-376-1554; leave mail to number 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ________________ Thanks, of course, to the Martins for such a great game! COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING STUFF ----------------------------- Copyright 1991 by Robert Weaver. All Rights Reserved. You may not distribute this for any fee beyond reasonable costs of distribution. Permission is granted to distribute this document and the related executables and source code provided this notice is preserved, and anyone you give the executable has the ability to obtain this documentation and the accompanying source.