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 TriDoor 3.0 - Door/Comm Support Unit for TP 5.5/6.0   Christopher M. Russo 27.02.1993

Набор модулей для разработки онлайновых приложений для BBS (BBS Door). Приведены примеры, документация и скомпилированные TPU модули для TP5.5/6.0 (исходников нет!).
TriDoor is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use utility to create fully-functioning doors, on-line programs and utilities in a matter of minutes without ever having to delve into the hundreds of texts on communications programming.


ђђђђђђђђђђ ђђ ђђђђђђђ ђ ђђ ђ ђђ ђђ ђђ ђђђ ђђ ђђ ђђ ђђђ ђђђ ђђђ ђђ ђ ђ ђ ђђ ђђ ђ ђ ђ ђ ђ ђ ђђђђ ђђ ђђђ ђђђђђђђ ђђђ ђђђ ђђ An On-Line Door Support Unit For use with Turbo Pascal 5.5 and 6.0 TriDoor is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use utility of it's kind available on the software market today. It allows even the novice Borland Turbo Pascal programmer to create fully-functioning doors, on-line programs and utilities in a matter of minutes without ever having to delve into the hundreds of texts on communications programming. In addition to having complete communications support TriDoor also comes equipped with many other features which are extremely useful when writing communications applications. Examples of these are color ANSI graphics controls, user time handling routines and many Pascal-like commands such as td_writeln() which is the communications equivalent of write() and writeln(). TriDoor is flexible too! With the exception of a few things here and there (like the tell-tale chat mode) your users may never even know that you did not write the entire program- communications routines and all. You will see no hard-coded error messages, forced configuration files or annoying restrictions that you did not develop yourself. This allows you to use all your programming resources the way YOU want as opposed to the way a tool kit may have set them up. A prime example of this is command line parameters; some tool kits will force you to enter in the name of a configuration file on the command line. What if you would rather enter in an IRQ setting or a user name? What if you do not want a configuration file? TriDoor allows you to do as you will. The programming possibilities are endless- I have written on-line games, archive viewing utilities, text/ANSI graphics file viewers, "top ten list" generators, terminal programs, SysOp paging doors and many MANY more. How many times have you said to yourself, "This is truly an excellent system I have running if only I could add on a [blank] without changing to a new BBS software..."? Well, there are a few solutions to this problem: You could switch BBS software which may give you a few options you did not have before but you are also reducing yourself to rebuilding a system you have already put probably hundreds of hours of work into and potentially compromising the quality of your user's environment -or- you could download a door from your local BBS where you may find a program to do what you need, but it may not be EXACTLY what you want -or- you could use TriDoor to write your own! You could have the door you want, make the changes you need at ANY time and have the pleasure of having made it yourself. I frequently find myself saying, "If you cannot do it with TriDoor, then you probably cannot do it." I have only scraped the surface of it's capabilities and ease of use; the rest is up to you. You now hold the power to make the doors, on-line games and utilities that you have always wanted! FEATURES OF TRIDOOR TriDoor has many advanced and VERY easy-to-use features which are built right in. And although there are so many that I literally cannot remember ALL of them, we are still adding all the time so give us a call so we can get you a copy of the latest version. * NOW VERY INEXPENSIVE! SEE LICENSING AGREEMENT! * Automatic set-up and support of communications ports * Automatic reading and processing of DORINFO1.DEF and PCBOARD.SYS * Easy to use commands such as td_writeln() and td_readln() which function as communications supporting equivalents of the Turbo Pascal commands * Built-in chat mode with word-wrap and ANSI color graphics * Boolean variable halt_program which is set to TRUE if [F8] is hit from the local keyboard- allows for programmer-defined or non-existent "hang-up" procedures * Easy forced "caps-lock", and "password-entry" (see "***" instead of "hey" or "YOU" instead of "you") * Length restriction available on input fields * Built-in string capitalization, first letter capitalization and easy integer/longint to string conversion available * Built-in direct screen write functions * Automatic status bar displaying time, name and baud rate * Automatic on-line user time handling routines * Built-in routines for clearing user's and local screen * Built-in Boolean response "Are you sure?" function * Built-in user-page (>BEEP!< "The SysOp is paging you!" >BEEP!<) * Automatic "Last Printed" memory (can be disabled) * Command list status bar on local screen * Auto-sensing of color/monochrome local screen * Borland Turbo Pascal 5.5 AND 6.0 support * Full color ANSI graphics support * User on-line time modification * Auto-hang-up (halt_program := TRUE) at time<1 * System messages in status bar ("SysOp : User is being paged.") * Ability to EASILY add support for ANY BBS system * Ability to be run in multi-tasking environments such as DESQVIEW and WINDOWS. * Local disable/enable of remote user keyboard * Fake line-noise from local console * Ability to use non-standard IRQ/COMM port configurations * Ability to change all communications parameters * Locked communications port support * Complete flow control support (XON/XOFF and CTS/RTS) * Configurable/disableable user keyboard time-out feature * Messages such as "Entering chat mode." can now be changed * Configurable return to normal status bar after nn seconds * Procedure naming conventions similar to Turbo Pascal's * Efficient, fast, operation * ANSI capable display_file() procedure * Ability to disable local screen from program or [F9] * PCBoard convention SysOp local control command keys * A built-in DOS shell ... And more! This is a list of all files contained in this release. File Name Description ============== ================================================= RELEASE xxx This File - xxx is Release Number DORINFO1 DEF Example Dorinfo1.Def file as created by QuickBBS DORINFO1 DOC Dorinfo1.Def explanation file CRC_CHK DOC PKZip CRC/file-size check list HISTORY DOC Brief programming history of TriDoor TRIDOOR DOC Documentation for Tridoor READBBS DOC TriDoor door support read functions SPECIAL DOC Special notice to all users (Last update 05-Dec-1992) TRIDOOR REG Registration form for TriDoor TRIDOOR UPG TriDoor Upgrade Request Form TRIDR55U TPU Actual TriDoor Turbo Pascal V5.5 Unit (unregistered) TRIDR60U TPU Actual Tridoor Turbo Pascal V6.0 Unit (unregistered) DISPATTR EXE Text attribute display tutorial and reference EXAMPLE PAS A brief example of a Turbo Pascal Program using the TriDoor unit. ============== ================================================== 14 Files Total ** Please be sure to read SPECIAL.DOC ** If any of these files are missing, or you want to obtain the latest release of the TriDoor package, you may contact us as follows : Triumph Software VOICE Business Line : (508)263-4247 If we are not at work, please try us at home. Christopher M. Russo Voice : (508)263-8420 Jeremy H. DuBois Voice : (508)263-7004 (716)274-0227 You may also contact us on the Internet at the following addresses : Chris Russo : crusso@cs.ulowell.edu Jeremy DuBois : jer@blaise.cif.rochester.edu