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 SFA - Set a Privilege for All Files in a File Area   Gianfranco Lanzilli 14.10.1991

Утилита для Сисопа BBS, позволяющая изменять привилегии юзерам.
Useful utility for BBS SysOp. The goal is to change the privilege for all files (or someone) in a desired File Area.


Documentation File for SFA.EXE (for Opus 1.7x or above) Written by Gianfranco "Frankie" Lanzilli for his Boss Alberto Enna ]\/[imac Opus BBs - +39-6-2751446 - 2:335/12@fidonet.org - Roma, Italy Typewritten documentation by Alberto "Alby" Enna THE IDEA When Opus 1.7x came out, with the new FILESBBS.DAT data base was "discovered" one of most interesting features of such structure: to let each one file in particular Area have an own privilege for Download, not only the AREA one...! With OPUS-FAM it's a joke, now, to set right privileges for each file...but it's very "tedious" to do it with a large amount of Files. The IDEA was growing up...and NOW here's the right answer: SFA.EXE. WHAT IT DOES The GOAL is to change the privilege for all files (or someone) in a desired Area. When changes are made to BBS.CTL file for the Download/Access Privilege, in a particular Area, old privileges aren't changed, by NACL. So, you must give the new privilege to each file in that Area, i.e. with OPUS-FAM , or other file managers. THE SOURCE We've included in the package the Source file, in Turbo Pascal v5.5, as for all the other little routines that we've developed in the past. This is our way-to-operate, and be sure that's the best way to develop in programming. Examine it, and let's Frankie have a feed-back, if you retain... PSEUDO-REGISTRATION If you are satisfied with this program, and wish to contact us, you are very kindly welcome!! Our Netmail address is @2:335/12.0fidonet.org, and a POST CARD from your country will be very appreciated!... If you wish, please post your cards to the ]\/[imac Crew, at following addresses: The Author The masher The MUS ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gianfranco Lanzilli Alberto Enna Stefano Toparini Via San Siricio , 5 Via Dameta , 15 Via E. Rossi , 12 00199 ROMA - ITALY 00155 ROMA - ITALY 00155 ROMA - ITALY ------------------------------------------------------------------- We'll so be able to see your town by that Post Card, and remember that our effort is arrived there... This is the *only* thing we ask for, and hope to receive many and many Post Cards from you! That's a form of Pseudo-registration, and hope you'll let's have a feed-back, so to permit us to contact all Opus Sysops in the next future, and for future projects. Have a nice work.