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 RMDoor 4.2 - Door Drivers for Turbo Pascal  Mark Goodwin 28.09.1993

Программный интерфейс для разработки BBS Door. Поддерживает большинство различных BBS. Имеет встроенную поддержку RIP графики. Приведены документация, примеры и скомпилированные tpu модули для TP5.5/6.0/7.0 (исходников модулей нет!).
RMDoor v4.2 is a Turbo Pascal unit for writing doors for such systems as TriBBS, PCBoard, Gap, Spitfire, WildCat!, RBBS, WWIV, etc. Very easy to use! Now will detect RIPScript terminal emulation and adds a few other procedures. Includes: Manual, Samples and TP 5.5, TP 6.0, and a TP 7.0 TPUs :(


RMDoor Version 4.2 Copyright (c) 1991-1993 By Mark Goodwin and Randy Hunt INTRODUCTION ------------ RMDoor is a comprehensive set of Turbo Pascal routines designed to enable programmers to easily write doors for BBSes. The following are some of RMDoor's many features: Assembly language serial input/output routines for maximum speed. Fully supports high speed modems: 16550 FIFO buffering and locked serial ports. Built in ANSI terminal emulator. No need to have ANSI.SYS loaded in memory. Supports all of the most popular door data file formats: TriBBS, PCBoard, GAP (DOOR.SYS), Spitfire, WildCat!, RBBS, and WWIV. Thus, a door built around RMDoor is compatible with a wide range of BBS software. It comes with the following files: RMDOOR55.TPU Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit. Rename to RMDOOR.TPU if you are using TP 5.5. RMDOOR60.TPU Turbo Pascal 6.0 unit. Rename to RMDOOR.TPU if you are using TP 6.0. RMDOOR70.TPU Turbo Pascal 7.0 unit. Rename to RMDOOR.TPU if you are using TP 7.0. TESTDOOR.PAS A sample RMDoor-based door. RMDOOR.DOC The RMDoor manual. READ THIS! REGISTER.TXT The registration form. Please send this in! :) WHATS.NEW What's new with 4.2. READ.ME This file! SUPPORT ------- You may obtain assistance with a RMDoor related problem by calling either The Lobster Buoy at 207-941-0805 or The Seldom Idle BBS 207- 843-7957. REGISTRATION ------------ Registration of RMDoor is only $25.00. Please use the form in the file REGISTER.TXT. When you register RMDoor, you will receive a letter of verification and a note on how to turn your shareware version of RMDoor into a registered version.