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 RMDoor 1.0 - Collection of Door Drivers for TP  Mark Goodwin 09.11.1991

Набор программных инструментов для разработки BBS Door. Приведены документация, примеры использования и TPU5/6 модули (исходников нет!).
RMDoor v1.0 is a collection of door driver routines for Turbo Pascal. Included: Manual, Samples and TPU5.5/6.0 only :(


RMDoor Version 1.0 Copyright (c) 1991 By Mark Goodwin and Randy Hunt INTRODUCTION ------------ RMDoor is a comprehensive set of Turbo Pascal routines designed to enable programmers to easily write doors for BBSes. The following are some of RMDoor's many features: Assembly language serial input/output routines for maximum speed. Fully supports high speed modems: 16550 FIFO buffering and locked serial ports. Built in ANSI terminal emulator. No need to have ANSI.SYS loaded in memory. Supports all of the most popular door data file formats: PCBoard, GAP (DOOR.SYS), Spitfire, WildCat!, and RBBS. Thus, a door built around RMDoor is compatible with a wide range of BBS software. It comes with the following files: RMDOOR55.TPU Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit. Rename to RMDOOR.TPU if you are using TP 5.5. RMDOOR60.TPU Turbo Pascal 6.0 unit. Rename to RMDOOR.TPU if you are using TP 6.0. TESTDOOR.PAS A sample RMDoor-based door. RMDOOR.DOC The RMDoor manual. READ THIS! REGISTER.TXT The registration form. Please send this in! :) READ.ME This file! SUPPORT ------- You may obtain assistance with a RMDoor related problem by calling either James Bond's Hideaway at 207-942-6575 or The Lobster Buoy at 207-941-0805. REGISTRATION ------------ Registration of RMDoor is only $25.00. Please use the form in the file REGISTER.TXT. When you register RMDoor, you will receive a registered version of the RMDOOR.TPU file on disk.