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 Psych0Tag 0.5 - Tagline Program for DOS and OS/2  Andrew Ziem 03.09.1997

ПСИХОТАГ - программа для автоматической вставки таглайнов в отправляемые сообщения. Совместима со многими редакторами сообщениий.
Psych0Tag v0.5 - tagline program with full support for DOS and OS/2. Slaps a tagline onto a text file. Works great with BBSs, offline mail readers, Psych0Liner, and more. Directly compatible with Blue Wave, GoldED, IceEdit, TerMail, TimEd and many other programs. Public Domain/Freeware with Pascal source code.


Psych0Tag version 0.5 Public domain by Andrew Ziem Released: June 18,2003 -= Introduction Psych0Tag is a tagline program that will put a tagline on a text file, and it works with a broad range of programs. There is an infinate number of ways to use it. Your imagination is your only barrier. -= License Agreement Psych0Tag is provided `as is' without warranty of any kind, expresed, implied or otherwise. If it breaks, you keep both pieces. -= Command Line Arguments These can also be listed by running "PTAG /?". Only one command may be passed at a time. The command-line is case insensitive. Usage: PTAG [- [-...]] or PTAG (defaults to look for PTAG.CFG) Commands: ?: help similar to this section c: compile text configuration c PTAG.TXT PTAG.CFG: compile PTAG.TXT into PTAG.CFG d: display tagline u: update configuration u PTAG.CFG: auto-update PTAG.CFG's configuration (taglines/file) o: output a tagline to a file o MSGTMP: output a tagline to MSGTMP Switches: ac: specify compiled configuration file ac PTAG_BW.CFG: use PTAG_BW.CFG b: brag-line (`-=- Psych0Tag') b0: brag-line goes before tagline (default) b1: brag-line goes after tagline b2: no brag-line =( c: creates output file if it does not exist c+: create (default) c-: abort if not present d: enable debug mode and extra information e: ellipsis (`...') (not set): ignore (default) e+: add if not present e-: remove if presesent l: long taglines handling lX: define long tagline as X bytes or more (79=default, valid=40..250) l0: let long taglines hang (default) l1: truncate (cut-off) l2: line-wrap Examples: ex1: PTAG Run with all defaults and use PTAG.CFG as configuration. ex2: PTAG U C:\TAGLINES\PTAG.CFG /D Updates taglines in the compiled configuration C:\TAGLINES\PTAG.CFG and enables debug mode. ex3: PTAG o \BBS\MSGTMP -ac C:\TAGLINES\PTAG.CFG -c- -e+ Output tagline to \BBS\MSGTMP, get configuration from C:\TAGLINES\PTAG.CFG, do not create output file if it doesn't already exist, and add ellipsis if they don't already exist. -= Limitations All: 4096 characters per line (72 is the standard) ~ 4.3 billion lines per tagline file DOS: 4.3 * 32 files ====== 128 billion total lines OS/2: 4.3 * 256 files ====== 1100 billion total lines -= Highlight of Features * public domain w/ source code * 16-bit DOS and 32-bit OS/2 executables * auto-update of configuration (via /U command-line switch) -= Included Files If any of these are missing or damaged, see the end of this document for information on how to get a fresh copy of Psych0Tag. PTAG .EXE DOS 16-bit executable PTAG2 .EXE OS/2 32-bit executable MANUAL .TXT this documentation README .xxx changes, important notes for version xxx 8BALL .ZIP "Eight Ball" mode INSTALL .TXT installation help SAMPLE .CFG sample text configuration file SRC .ZIP source code FILE_ID .DIZ BBS-compatible description -= Sorting Taglines MS-DOS and OS/2 systems come with the SORT command. This sorts a file line by line, making it perfect for taglines. As a drawback, DOS has a limitation on the size of the file. Note: Using the same input filename and output filename the same file may generate a "access denied" error. usage: SORT < INPUT-FILENAME > OUTPUT-FILENAME example1: SORT < PSYCH0.TAG > PSYCH0.$$$ DELETE PSYCH0.TAG COPY PSYCH0.$$4 PSYCH0.TAG Sorts PSYCH0.TAG, using PSYCH0.$$$ as a temporary file. example2: SORT < PSYCH0.TAG > NULL Sort PSYCH0.TAG and send it into oblivion (where it belongs). Why would you want to do this? You're crazy, of course. -= Acknowledgments and Credits (in no particular order) All other programs are copyright and/or trademarked by their respective author unless otherwise noted. -- end of file