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 PowerDOOR - A Programmers Door Interface to PowerBBS  Russell E. Frey 26.09.1991

Модули для разработки BBS Door под Power BBS. Приведена документация и TPW модули (исходников нет!).
PowerBBS's PowerDOOR - A Programmers Door Interface to PowerBBS. Compiled by Turbo Pascal for Windows. Included Manual and TPU only :(


PowerBBS's PowerDOOR - A Programmers Door Interface to PowerBBS (c) 1991 by Russell E. Frey; All Rights Reserved 35 Fox Ct. Hicksville, NY 11801 Support Line (516) 822-7396 To use PowerDOOR, you will need a copy of Turbo Pascal for Windows (tm). No code produced with PowerDOOR may be sold commercially. You may produce doors for your own use, or issue the doors into public domain or shareware. If you want to produce commercial code, then please contact Russell Frey, for a prior contract and licensing agreement. Doors produced under the SHAREWARE concept may be distributed, so long as there are no limitations to the registered version (and must be shareware as according to the Association of Shareware Professionals). The registered version should be the same program, with the exception of a Registered to: line, instead of not-registered. A Copy of PowrSYS.PAS is now incuded! Use to modify, or just to learn about how PowrDOOR works! If you write a door, or code that you would like to distribute, please upload your programs to the support bbs (516) 822-7396. The existence of programs using PowerDoor, will give me an incentive to continue supporting the programming community. Feel free to upload modifications to the sample source code to our bbs.