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 Pager Plus 1.04 - Mass Mail for Galacticomm BBS  Prankware 22.12.1991

BBS Пэйджер. Получает список пользователей, находящихся в онлайне, и отправляет всем им сообщение.
Pager Plus (c) 1991 by Prankware. Used with Galacticomm software BBSes. Captures online user list and send a message to everyone.


Pager Plus -- Copyright (c) 1991 Prankware Pager Plus was meant to be used with Galacticomm software BBSes. You simply capture, with your term program, the list of users currently on, by using the "#" command. Scroll back or just capture it halfway through and drop to a DOS shell. From there, simply use the syntax: page <infile> <outfile> [<message>] ...where <infile> is the file you captured to, <outfile> is the new file you wish to write to, called the prank file, and [<message>] is the optional message to go with the page, up to 60 characters long. When you want to page everyone, which should be soon after you capture the file, you simply type EXIT to exit the DOS shell, and do an ASCII upload. See your term program documents for this. Enter the <outfile> or prank file, and watch the pages fly through the screen... You're bound to get many replies! Say "Hello!" to everyone, or be creative! Watch in the future for other fine Prankware products... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Things to come:  TSR activation  Automatic screen capture and conversion with a hot-key  Recognition of names, and exclusion of other screen characters  Automatic Paging with a hot-key  Built-in ASCII uploading  Setting the delay between each page