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 MorpheusBBS - BBS based on Forum BBS sources  Killer for MoM 30.12.1990

Исходники Morpheus BBS для TP6.0.
MorpheusBBS Turbo Pascal 6.0 source - based on Forum BBS sources


Stolen by: Killer for MoM Stolen from: Side Effect on Path To Europhea Ok guys, I got this because Side Effect better known as The Radiant, Tic Tac Toe and countless others. He is a major dickhead, and promised me his source for mine, well I uploaded mine, and he wouldn't give me his, he claims he saw me and let me get it, but I know he didn't. He gave me a time in which I did it, it wasn't exact, but he says he was multitasking at the time, which would have slowed the system down considerably, and it was going as fast as possible. This is to get him back for the shit he pulled, and to dick him around since he got a friend of mine busted. Don't trust him, I have found a couple of back doors, so becareful. See ya, Killer P.S.: This is a little immature prank. I did it mainly because I was bored and was really pissed at Randy. Look for more from MoM in the future!