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 MKRead 1.04 - On-Line BBS Message Reader   Mark May 21.11.1993

Программа для прочтения сообщений с BBS с поддержкой ANSI графики.
MKRead v1.04 by Mark May - Online (Sysop) message reader for RA2.x, RA1.x, QuickBbs, SuperBBS, MkBBS, and EzyComBBS. Makes reading easy with support for taglines, ANSI msg viewing, message sorting, etc. (FreeWare)


+---------------------------+----------------------------------------+ | Mythical Kingdom Software | <<< MKRead >>> | | ѓ ѓ ѓ ѓ | On-Line Message Reader For MK BBS, | | ђђђ іј іј ђђђ | RemoteAccess, QuickBBS, and SuperBBS | | ђђђђђђђђђђђђђђђ | Copyright 1992 by Mark May | | ђђђђђђђђђђђђ | All Rights Reserved | |  | Version 1.04 | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------+ The products mentioned in this documentation are trademarks of their individual owners. (NOTE : MKRead is pronounced "Emm Kay Read" NEVER "McRead") (The MK stands for Mythical Kingdom Software) ------------------------[ MKRead FEATURES ]------------------------- * Read Message base areas directly without logging onto the BBS system. * Write messages, including netmail and echomail conferences directly to the message base. * Reads Hudson, Squish, Ezycom, and *.MSG-Type Message Base Formats. * Supports Squish message areas with up to 5200 messages to be compatible with the way Maximus handles Squish areas. * Up to 1025 different message areas, with area 1026 being your direct netmail path. * Handles up to 1200 messages in an area at a time (use the new mail only option to read addtional msgs in an area) * Configurable colors (including quoted text). * Definable netmail attributes, both default and for each individual message. * Includes it's own internal editor, or use your own ASCII text editor. * Taglines are available, including many management options, such as stealing, editing, and selecting separate taglines for each message. * Spell-Check option allows you to check each message you enter for spelling errors by adding an external spell-checker. This is optional for each message. * Configurable to beep on messages addressed to you. * Definable quote string to quote the message you are replying to. * User-definable quote header, to be placed at the beginning of each message. This uses macros to display different information, such as receiver name, date, time, etc. * Configurable message sorting options. This includes: Message Number, Date/Time, From, and Subject. * Exporting of messages to text files or your printer. * Select to read only new mail or to have all messages in the chosen area available. * Fully mouseable menu selections. * Can use a text-file configuration setup to use the reader with point setups. * View ANSI messages, with Baud-Rate simulation. * Works directly with MK, RA, QuickBbs, SuperBbs, and Ezycom config files. * Uses Twit.Ctl file to skip messages from selected names. ------------[ Running Under LAN Or Multi-Tasking ]----------------- The SysOp can run MKRead while a user is logged onto their bulletin board and accessing the message base safely under these conditions as long as SHARE is loaded in the system. This makes MKRead easier to use because it is possible to leave the BBS running, thus giving uninterrupted service! A sample .PIF file is included for running MKRead under DESQview. Any questions about operating under DESQview can be directed at Andy Harris, either in the MK Echo or via netmail at FidoNet 1:3625/457. The author, Mark May, runs in a LAN environment. Efforts to contact him are given on page 3. -----------------------[ PRODUCT SUPPORT ]------------------------- Help or suggestions for MKRead can be submitted in a variety of ways. * Through the FidoNet EchoMail MK Conference (AreaTag MK). - This is a product support area for all Mythical Kingdom - Software. * If the MK Echo is not available in your area, it is available from the following addresses: 1:110/290 1:3625/457 1:151/1000 1:151/1003 * Through RIME (RelayNet) at address ->MYTHKING. * Via NetMail to Mark May (Author) at address 1:110/290. - You will have to poll for your reply after two days due to the - product being free. An answer should be waiting for you by - then. If you do not receive a reply within 5 days, please - re-send your message. If you don't pick up your reply, it will - be deleted (or possibly routed) in a week or two. * Call the Mythical Kingdom Tech BBS directly: - DataLine : 513-237-7737 (9600 Baud HST/V32) * You may also send comments to maym@dmapub.dma.org * Or, mail your questions/suggestions to: Mark May Mythical Kingdom Software P.O. Box 24808 Huber Heights, OH 45424