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 JPDoor 3.2SE - The Ultimate Door Writing Unit for TP   Rod Hancock 26.02.1992

Движок для разработки BBS Door на TP5.5/6.0. Приведена документация и TPU-модули (исходников нет!).
JPDoor - Version 3.2 SE - The Ultimate Door Writing Unit (c) 1990 - 1992 by MOTOR CITY SOFTWARE. Included: Docs and TP 5.5/6.0 TPUs only :(


JPDoor V3.1 SE includes .TPU units for both Turbo Pascal 5.5 and 6.0. If you are using TP 5.5, then rename JPDOOR31.TP5 to JPDOOR31.TPU and MAPPED.TP5 to MAPPED.TPU. If you are using TP 6.0, then rename JPDOOR31.TP6 to JPDOOR31.TPU and MAPPED.TP6 to MAPPED.TPU If you are upgrading from JPDoor V3.10 PLEASE read the Changes.Doc If you write a door package using JPDoor, and you would like to make it available to a large number of systems, please send us a copy. We get calls from all over the world, and have set up a file area which includes all doors written with JPDoor that are sent to us. Unfortunately, we cannot hope to collect everything written using JPDoor, but with your help, who knows... Once a sysop realizes how easy it is to run doors written using JPDoor, we think he will be anxious to try others, so in an effort to help promote both JPDoor, and all software written using it, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to send along any creations you make. If you send us a registration key (if needed) we would be happy to run your door online for others to evaluate. Please send the key in a seperate archive. Unfortunately we cannot afford to register every door sent to us, and thats why we ask for a demo key. We think this will encourage others to register your door when they see it running here. Thank you Rod Hancock Motor City Software Online Oshawa Ontario Canada Fido 1:229/418 Imex 89:485/207 (416)579-6318