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 Emulex BBS 2.0 - Powerful and simple BBS  Sam C Brown 21.10.1995

Готовые к компиляции исходники EMULEX BBS для BP7. Поддерживает разделы сообщений и файловые арии, BBS Door, полноэкранный редактор сообщений, чат.
EMULEX Bulletin Board System v2.00. Complete, ready-to-compile TURBO PASCAL SOURCE CODE for a powerful, and simple BBS software package. Emulex has file, message and online door functions plus a handy internal line and full screen editor. This software also has multiple chat types, bulletin system and internal configurable database. This code even includes the internal Trivia system - a bonus. REQUIRES: Turbo Pascal 7.0, 300kb, and a hard disk. FREEWARE


This bulletin board software is a derrivation of the Telegard 2.5 source code. There have been significant changes, however, the package still, generally speaking, operates in the same fasion. This package should be used for educational purposes. You are free to modify and compile at your own leasure provided you display in your documentation files: "Software based on Telegard 2.5 bulletin board operating system" AND "Software modifications based on Emulex bulletin board system" :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The CORE routines (entry/exit) can be found in EMULEX.PAS. When compiling, you must compile starting with this file. Do not change any of the compiler directives, including the stack/memory allocation settings UNLESS you know what you are doing. The coding, for the most part, is well commented, however there are many aspects of the coding which can be made more efficient by using assembly language. More notably, the communications routines should be replaced with a newer implementation of the fossil and digiboard system. I suggest trying to rewire the communications routines with Tim Strike's (Author of Telegard 3.0) FKFOSSIL.TPU - available on request. Please do not remove or add files to the original zip. Do not have your bbs strip any DIZ files, and please do not upload this to a pirate board.