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 Eco Library II Release 3.0 V 6.03 for TP5...BP7  Floor Naaijkens 14.04.1993

BBS. , fossil-, ANSI, Hudson Squish. Norton Guide. , .OBJ .
Eco Library II Release 3.0 V 6.03, Pascal Port #3, Complete Edition. All Pascal source included. Without .ASM but .OBJ included for recompiling.
- Traveling Concise Edition
- Full Edition
- Bulletin Board Edition
- All Demos, like an Archive Television Shell, and a Small Fast Commander
- Norton Guide


-- -- | | The ECO Library II was Conceived, Designed,  Compiled and Written by Floor A.C. Naaijkens  for UltiHouse Software / The ECO Group.   (C) MCMXCIII by EUROCON PANATIONAL CORPORATION  All Rights Reserved for The ECO Group.   If you like what you get send $50,= or more to  UltiHouse Software, B.V., Kwendelhof 173,  5044 EG Tilburg, The Netherlands.  | | -- --  -- -- | | UltiHouse'  ------------  The ECO Library II Release 3.0 Version 6.02  Pascal Port #3  Full Edition  | | -- --  ECOLIBII.LZH 650K [013] Full Edition of The ECO Library II (Freaks' Version) Complete Edition Consists Of : -=- Traveling Concise Edition -=- Full Edition -=- Bulletin Board Edition -=- All Demos, like an Archive Television Shell, and a Small Fast Commander -=- Norton Guide ====================================================================== INSTALLATION: A: INSTALL D: (or whatever drive you want it installed on) you are adviced to have TPC.EXE or BPC.EXE in your PATH environment. INSTALL will compile via a satelite INSTALL2.BAT and run from harddisc from the moment the file ECOLIBII.LZH has been copied to harddisc, so you may remove the floppy after that. INSTALL will automatically compile all sourcefiles, projects and demos, and execute W.EXE, The Final Directory Application. ====================================================================== (C) Copyright MCMXCIII by UltiHouse Software / The ECO Group All Rights Reserved. Written by Floor A.C. Naaijkens of UltiHouse Software. If you have any questions, please contact me any time you like using FAX/BBS telephone number xx31,13,638709. 24Hrs/day using US Robotics HST/DS upto 16.800 baud. (1200, 2400, 9600, 12000, 14400) Full source is included for recompilation under TP5.x, TP6.x & BP7.0 If registered, ASM is available as well. The ECO Library II -- Concise Edition Depends on nothing but SYSTEM.TPU, DOS.TPU and CRT.TPU, and delivers almost anything you really need! Also available: The ECO Library II -- Full Edition All kinds of easy extra's like a Small Fast Commander, Norton-like Tree Info and File Panels, PopUp Calculator, Calendar and many more. The ECO Library II -- BBS Edition Depends on ECO_LIB and delivers ZModem/ASYNC/FOSSIL/EMSI/NODELIST datacom functions. Set up a mailer/BBS in no-time! The ECO Library II -- NortonGuide. A NortonGuide describing it all, sorting by unit, by function, by Full/Concise/BBS. 200K. *************************************************************** NOTE: IF CRT OR DOS IS TO BE USED, (IN SUB-UNITS OR WHEREEVER), USE THEM _FIRST_ IN _ANY_ USES CLAUSE. USE ECO_SWAP AS LAST IN ANY USES CLAUSE. *************************************************************** The Concise Edition is 250K in size, 64K in actual code, and is thus constructed, that simple use DOES result in limited .EXE filesize. (included example writes directly to screen, 10K) Full example DEMO_LIB.PAS is included. .EXE size = 50K, and demonstrates what can be done. As complexity of your application grows, you'll see that you'll still only need the The ECO Library II. Thus, filesize maintains it's limited size. The ECO Library II is fully functional and recompilable, although I do request a contribution. Source to ASM is released upon payment. I do not believe in CrippleWare. \ I started writing The ECO Library II, after I discovered, some years ago, that my disc was cluttered with all kinds of interesting, but very different sources. I also found, that various authors, from whom the work originated, had solved the same problem over and over in different ways. I rewrote all those sources to have them use the same functions, now contained in The ECO Library II. It thus became smaller, more self- contained, easier to use and confined to one single unit. OK, very small programs might get a little large, but don't forget, using different units, also puzzles TP, and TP subsequently includes too much code. ECO_LIB.TPU is 64K in code (TPU is 120K itself). But compiling: " uses eco_lib; begin __bandwin(true, 5, 5, 75, 20, 0, 7, sh_default, bt_single) end. " results in an EXE file of only 15K. Obviously, TP succeeds in locating/removing the unused code very well! The Kernel of ECO_LIB.TPU is some 5K, the Borland Pascal Kernel is some 4K, and the rest is included code. It now contains well over a 1000 functions and procedures. Let it be noted that not all code was written by me. True, I've written a great deal of it. But credit must be given where it is due. If I wrongly excluded reference to the author of the work, I apologize. All work has been re-editted and reprogrammed by me, though. And not only for the sake of ECOLIB-usage, but also as to enhance functionality, debug et al. Source: d:/a/proj/eco 1 eco_cal pas 10.693 Calendar 2 eco_doo2 pas 11.295 Door programming for RemoteAccess 3 eco_edit pas 24.687 Borland Editor Toolbox Interface 4 eco_exe pas 6.782 EXE Spawning With Child Communications 5 eco_font pas 2.099 FONT Template Unit (Use turbo BGI) 6 eco_gdrv pas 2.236 Graphical Driver Template Unit (Use DRV) d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibbs/eco*.pas (13 : 384.631) 1 eco_232 pas 5.915 CRT 232 access 2 eco_ansi pas 13.586 ANSI driver 3 eco_asyn pas 102.569 Async port control 4 eco_comm pas 29.222 Communications unit 5 eco_crc pas 8.413 CRC calculation 6 eco_door pas 31.651 BBS DOOR functions 7 eco_fido pas 14.688 Fidonet IFNA functions 8 eco_fosl pas 14.021 Fossil functions 9 eco_hdsn pas 38.596 Hudson messagebase 10 eco_lock pas 2.124 Lock (part of) files using SHARE 11 eco_sqsh pas 34.500 Squish messagebase 12 eco_text pas 10.789 Textpointer manipulation 13 eco_zmod pas 78.557 ZModem protocol. d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibcs/eco*.pas (2 : 470.402) 1 eco_lib pas 243.042 The ECO Library Concise Edition d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibii/eco*.pas (24 : 383.798) 1 eco_atv pas 25.324 Interface to CFI 2 eco_bcnv pas 3.581 Base conversion 3 eco_calc pas 17.035 Calculator 4 eco_cfi pas 53.801 Compression File Interface 5 eco_dsqv pas 3.535 DesqView functions 6 eco_emou pas 38.958 Extended mouse functions 7 eco_fast pas 16.300 Fast screen unit (dept/self-cont) 8 eco_file pas 50.745 File screen like in Norton Commander 9 eco_info pas 9.736 Info screen like in Norton Commander 10 eco_kbd pas 15.562 Keyboard routines (ASM, own driver) 11 eco_lzw pas 13.307 LZW compression (slow, OK) 12 eco_mou pas 8.093 Standard Mouse functions 13 eco_mtrx pas 10.680 Matrix calculations (++) 14 eco_os2 pas 3.992 Test for OS/2 presence, multitaskers 15 eco_pal pas 4.268 VGA palette play 16 eco_pasc pas 5.606 Popup ASCII table. 17 eco_pclc pas 11.819 Popup calculator (rudimentary) 18 eco_play pas 11.331 BASIC Play command 19 eco_reg pas 15.463 Registration Unit 20 eco_srch pas 10.728 Quick search unit (Boyer Moore) 21 eco_stak pas 8.403 Check Turbo Stack / ASM/TSR 22 eco_swap pas 3.521 Swap to DISC/EMS. 23 eco_tree pas 38.118 Tree screen like in Norton Commander 24 eco_vga pas 3.892 VGA ticks d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibii/eco_crt/eco*.pas (1 : 27.892) 1 eco_crt pas 27.892 Complete TURBO CRT replacement (asm) d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibii/eco_crt/eco_adpt/eco*.pas (1 : 4.266) 1 eco_adpt pas 4.266 Adapter recognition unit d:/a/proj/eco/ecolibii/eco_dos/eco*.pas (1 : 6.725) 1 eco_dos pas 6.725 Complete TURBO DOS replacement (asm) I recommend you play around with ECO_LIB and the independent units. It'll surprise you that you actually can write BBS/Mailer software that easily! Or write a handy compressionfile-interface. Like I always do, I include full source. If YOU like it, please send me $50,= or more, so that I can continue enhancing The ECO Library II. Ports to C(++) > OS/2 & UNIX are being considered. At any rate, I like a postcard of ECO users... Send one & Have fun! Floor A.C. Naaijkens. Pres. UltiHouse Software, B.V.