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 DIZZY 1.01a - FILE_ID.DIZ off-line reformatter  David Daniel Anderson 24.09.1993

Автоматический Форматизатор файлов типа FileId.Diz.
DIZZY; Free DOS utility: FILE_ID.DIZ off-line reformatter v1.01a, reformats any text file into 44 (or other spec. length) character lines, preparing it for use as a FILE_ID.DIZ (a BBS .ZIP file contents descriptor). W/ Pascal source.


DIZZY Free DOS utility: FILE_ID.DIZ off-line reformatter Version 1.01a - September 24, 1993 (c) 1993 by David Daniel Anderson Reign Ware DIZZY reformats any text file (with lines up to 255 characters long) into 44 (or an alternate length) character lines, preparing it for use as a FILE_ID.DIZ (a BBS .ZIP file contents descriptor). PCBoard BBS's typically use the FILE_ID.DIZ (if it exists as a file within the .ZIP file) as the upload description, and require that description to be a maximum of 8 lines at up to 44 characters each. DIZZY won't remove extra lines: it is up to the user to edit, and up to DIZZY to reformat what the user has written. *** WARNING!!! DIZZY OVERWRITES THE INPUT FILE, SO MAKE SURE THAT YOU EITHER WORK ON A COPY OF YOUR FILES OR YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU START. *** It will be impossible to have your file returned be to its original state, but you may be able to retrieve the original with an undelete program. However, DIZZY does not remove text, so no matter what happens, you will still have everything that you started with. Usage: DIZZY <file_id.diz> [line_length] DIZZY takes one or two parameters on the command line: the name of the file(s) to reformat and the line length desired. The file name may contain wildcards, for example: "DIZZY *.diz" (without the quotes) would reformat all files with the extension ".diz". The line length must be a number between 40 and 127. The default (used if none is specified) is 44 characters. Note: DIZZY removes leading and trailing spaces from all lines, and changes all occurrences of multiple spaces into single spaces. It leaves hard tabs and ASCII 255 (a blank character that is not a space) intact. Finally, I have noticed a couple of FILE_ID.DIZ editors available, but have not tried them. I wrote (and use) DIZZY because I don't want to learn how to use another editor - especially if the author is asking for a registration fee. I like DIZZY because, like most of my programs, it is small, simple, fast, and free. I really do not need or want a mule of a GUI like Microsoft Windows (tm). -------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------- This program and its PASCAL (BP7) source code IS Copyright (c) 1993 by: David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. The utility package referenced herein (.ZIP) consists of at least 5 files: 1) The executable program (.EXE) 2) The pascal source code (.PAS) 3) The program documentation (.DOC) 4) The BBS description (FILE_ID.DIZ) 5) This legal statement (REIGNWAR.TXT) 6) other supporting files as needed Each individual utility package is archived using the PKZIP (R) Authenticity Verification feature. If they have NOT been modified, PKUNZIP will display the contents and following message when you enter the command: PKUNZIP -t filename.ZIP (substitute name of .ZIP file for "filename"): Authentic files Verified! # IAU056 David Daniel Anderson Contact me if you have reason to believe this utility package has been subject to any malevolent tampering, or if you wish to receive a current, complete, unmodified and "guaranteed" virus-free copy. Although this utility package may be archived along with other software, including my own, the following pertains solely to THIS portion of it. Current versions of most of my distributable programs can be found on: Channel 1 (R) (Cambridge, MA): The Kandy Shack (Garden Grove, CA) regular line: 617-354-8873 main (14.4k): 714-636-2667 v.32bis 14.4: 617-354-5776 I can be contacted in many ILink and RIME (Relaynet) conferences, particularly the SHAREWARE conferences. Use "DAVID DANIEL ANDERSON". On RIME, you can route mail to me at SITE #15 (->15 or ->CHANNEL1). IF YOU CONTACT ME, tell me HOW, WHEN, and WHERE you obtained this program. Users of this program consent implicitly to the ALL terms in this document. DAVID DANIEL ANDERSON 241 N MADISON ST ST. CROIX FALLS, WI 54024-9135