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 DoorDriver/3 - Turbo Pascal 7.0 Door Kit   Dalger 16.01.1997

Комплект модулей для разработки BBS Door. Имеет собственный коммуникационный модуль, поддерживающий нестандартные прерывания, до 4х портов, прерывания 0-15, скорость до 115200 бод, ANSI и прочую текстовую графику.
DD/3 Turbo Pascal 7.0 Door Kit. Supports any drop file that is text. Supports non-standard interrupts, comm 1-4, IRQs 0-15, and speeds up to 115,200 baud. Resource Files Like SRGAME Doors use! Supports INI File Handling. Full support of timeslicing. Supports ASCII/AVT/RIP/MAX/ANSI graphics. You cannot live without this package! Includes FULL SOURCE CODE! Public Domain 1997


Attention Beta Testers! This is a pre-release of the new DoorDriver/3, or DD3 for short. Please report any bugs, or send any patches with an explanation to 1:321/200.0 FidoNet, 413-568-5241 City Scape BBS, or dalger@map.com via the InterNet. Fixes can be found at: City Scape BBS: 413-568-5241 FidoNet FREQ : 1:321/200 WorldWide Web : http://pages.map.com/~dalger/dd3/welcome.htm (Not up Yet) DD/3 Beta 1 Notes ----------------- Implemented Resource from CTL File. To access simply include DD3RES on your include statement. Resources include resourcestring,resourceinteger, and resourceboolean. You may include whatever resources your door needs in the CTL file. The CTL file may be called whatever it likes on the command line, or default to what you set it to. Implemented INI File Support. Currently used to support DROP files, the INI support can also be included and used on other files. Yes DD3INI *can* read Windows INI files as well. Command Line parameters are documented in the source of DD3START. To use graphics, you must include DD3GRAPH. Currently supports ASCII and ANSI. AVT, MAX, and RIP support are coming. Local mode produces the same results as the remote side unlike DDPlus. So if you make an ANSI door and want to see it in ASCII, set your mode to ASCII and it'll look the same! Currently a TTY emulator is being written for ASCII. For example #12 is clear screen. LowLevel ASYNC and Fossil routines are included in DD3COMM, the can most likely be used to support Call Back verifiers, etc. They do not check the comport for carrier or if characters are waiting when using them. The standard Read/Writes do however support it. InitDoorCTL is no longer needed to run a door. Acknowledgements ---------------- DD3RES SRGames Comm Library - Thanks guys! DD3STR SRGames String Library D3ANSI Derrick Parkhurt/Scott Baker DD3INI Brad Zavitsky DD3FOS Original DDPlus Library DD3ASYNC TDK By Larry Athey (not his original) DD3TIME Taken from SWAG DD3CHAT Scott Baker/Bob Dalton Those libraries have been used in DD/3. Original source may be slightly, or grealty altered from original. The originals however are written by the above mentioned. Any other routines may have been similiar to DDPlus, but have been re-written or bugs fixed. DD/3 is a compilation of the work that Scott Baker started.