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 BVDoor 1.0 - BBS Door for Virtual Pascal and OS/2   Greg Varga 23.12.1996

Комплект модулей для разработки BBS Door с помощью Virtual Pascal для OS/2.
BVDOOR v1.0 by BV Compuworks Groups. A NEW PASCAL Door Writing unit for OS/2! BVDoor was made by Virtual Pascal for OS/2. Supports: RA, QBBS, Ezycom and AdeptXBBS or any BBS that can create a Door.Sys or a DorinfoX.Def file. BVDoor is 99.9% compatible with JPDoor v4.1 for easy porting of your new existing or programs. Contains everything to write any kind of door program or your own online game for OS/2! [Release Date: Dec 23/96]


BVDoor v1.0 Features ===================== -OS/2 v2.x+ Compatable (Tested to v4.0) -Supports: RA, Ezycom, QBBS 2.75-2.80, SuperBBS, AdeptXBBS v1.75f -Multi-line Functions -Message posting to BBS Message Base -Configurable 2 line status bar -99.9% Compatable with JPDoor 4.1 for easy porting -Can create minute hook procedures and second hook procedures -Traps Halt and Error Codes (Can be logged too) -Debugging Logfile -Just one unit (BVDOOR2.VPI) The following files were ORIGINALLY included with BVDOOR10.RAR: BVDoor.Doc Documentation saved as a WP 6.0 File. BVDoor.Txt Documentation saved as a Normal Text File. KeyFind.Exe Tells you what the key value of a key is. Register.Doc Registration form. Readme.Txt This Text File. Terminat.Pas An Example Terminating Procedure. TrapExit.Pas An Example Haltcode/Error Exiting Procedure. BVDoor2.VPI Main VP/2 Unit. Numbers.VPI \ CRC.VPI \ Use Internally by AlCom.VPI / BVDoor. Session.VPI / To obtain a new copy of BVDoor v1.0, see BVDoor.Txt.