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 Barak's House - Online BBS Door Game   Seth A. Robinson 11.03.1997

Онлайновая игра на базе BBS Door.
Source Code to Baraks House [LORD IGM]. Based on DDPLUS door toolkit. Includes: code for program and modified DDPLUS units for communication i/o.


************** ENTIRE SOURCE CODE TO BARAK'S HOUSE **************** Hi! Ever wanted to make your own IGM but were too lazy to figure out how, etc? Well now you can compile this one in seconds, and begin changing it to create your own. This is FULL source, EVERYTHING is changable. This IGM is the perfect template because it is the only IGM I wrote for LORD, and is the only one that completely follows my standards, and is able to work with all fossil/com port configurations properly without using drop files. It also demonstrates how to keep track of who has used the IGM that day, and automatically resets everyone when a new day starts, by reading from time.dat. The configure program is easy to use, and even stores the LORD dir you installed it two, so uninstalling is a snap! There are hundreds of usefull procedures in here, even though they are a few years old. Use them wisely, child! I did change two things right before I zipped this - I took off the part in the config program that wouldn't allow more than 9 IGM's to be used at once, and I changed it to allow node 0. (Barak was created before node 0 or 10+ IGM were allowed) -Seth (sethable@rtsoft.com) WWW: http://www.rtsoft.com BCSHARE and DVAWARE have been enclosed in their shareware form so you don't have to go find them - this package contains everything you need to compile BARAK.EXE and BARAKCFG.EXE. Special thanks to Steve Lorenze, Bob Dalton and Scott Baker for writing DDPLUS. License agreement: You may use this kit as an example IGM, and modify it to create your own, using any or all of Seth's routines enclosed - You may NOT compile this and sell it as is, or distribute ANYTHING resembling Barak's house or associated with Barak's house. (ie, you can't go create your own version of Seth's Barak House - that is Seth's job, don't mess with that!!) Barak's House is a copyrighted program, and all rights are reserved. You can however make your OWN IGM with it and sell it, or use pieces of the source in your own door and sell that. ************ Info: BARAK.PAS: The main file for barak's house. BARAKCFG.PAS: The setup program. -= Other files the above use =- ALLPAS.PAS: Contains MANY generic routines, can be 'used' by any piece of source. (the headers are commented to explain each routine) SETHLIB.PAS: DOS non modem specific routines such as string and number input routines, cannot be used with DDPLUS, but are used in dos only applications such as BARAKCFG.PAS. SETHLIBB.PAS: The ddplus version of the string and number input routines, can only be used inside a door, because it calls SWRITELN directly. DDPLUSB.PAS: Modified DDPLUS, with things in it for Barak's house. DDOVRB and DDOVR2B: Modifed DDPLUS support files, allow reading of the node dat and info.* files. Also some texts have been added and changed to reflect BARAK'S house. You would want to change these for your own IGM. BAR_VAR.PAS: All the varibles - they are put in a seperate TPU because most .pas files USE them. The lord structures are in this. ********** TO COMPILE THIS THING ********** Unzip to a separate dir (hopefully you already did this) Have Turbo Pascal installed, and the bin dir in your path. type: TPC -b barak.pas tpc -b barakcfg.pas Those two exe's will be built. From there, check out BARAK.PAS, you should be able to figure out how things work by looking at them. The arcade sequences in Barak's house are tricky to read, but when doing something like that, you should probably write it from scratch yourself anyway, or you will never fully understand it. Sethln and Seth replace Swrite and Swriteln. You can use color codes inside of them. IMPORTANT: If you change the name of the file, be sure to change all instances of BARAK.EXE with YOURNAME.EXE in DDOVR2B.PAS, it uses this to find what dir it is, if you don't, it won't figure out where the NODE?.DAT is and not work. This is also kind of security from people changing your filename. ** ABOUT STRING INPUT COMMANDS ** They are Edi() and Edi_num(), learn how to use them by example in BARAKCFG.PAS. They are nifty! ***** If you have any questions, ask Seth. ***** ***** Many routines were written years ago and are quite ugly, feel free to beautify them for your own ease of use Seth A. Robinson (sethable@rtsoft.com) WWW: http://www.rtsoft.com